2003-05-21 20:57:12 ET

it's not often that i update
or show my face
so have a laugh at my expense
with this very drunk picture
(i went home w/ 2 girls that night! all it takes is a bottle of wine, ladies)

The only thing i've yet to still enjoy after writing a lengthy paper about it2003-04-07 19:47:42 ET

Titian, The Rape Of Europa
Oil on canvas , 1559-62
Depiction of the tale by OVID (J!)
"The most important painting in the world"
- peter paul reubens

I can sleep at night with the comfort of knowing that it hangs 200 feet away from my building, in the best little museum in the world.

2003-03-24 03:42:21 ET

i have papermaking class in twenty minutes.
i question my sexuality every time i go in there.

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