2004-10-01 05:09:23 ET
Eh, i only got a 96 on my test. One of the questions i was unsure of, i got right, but the brat took off 1/2 point on my definitions of felony and misdemeanor because i didnt add fine. WHICH, he said he wanted book definitions and there is no fine listed in the book. i KNEW there were fines, because i had to memorize all the punishments for them. UGHHH. i've noticed that i've become a classic over-achiever, it's new to me, i never used to get good grades.

i have to go to the campus book store and grab some scantron sheets for my take home Sociology test, fun wow.

Keegan turned 6 yesterday. It seems like so long ago, he was just a baby. Crazy kids.

Got my money today, so of course i'll be out and about. Mom and Dad have some things they want to do, so it's cool.

Other than that, nothing new to report. Same shit, different day.


     2004-09-28 08:45:06 ET
Oh, i SOOOOOOO aced that test! w00t

Only 2 questions i was unsure of. The rest was a piece of cake.

15 minutes.

Means i have an extra 65 minutes to clean house. Woooo. lol. NOT. But anyways. i'm so happy i'm so happy.


 Another day in the life of...    2004-09-28 03:47:54 ET
.... me. UGH. i have another test today at noon. My first test i did really well on, a 101... this one, mmm, i'm nervous. i dont know the stuff as well as i did for the first one cause our teacher just kinda talks about whatever and dosent really drill things. This makes for a great class environment and holy stress levels when the test comes. i have some time before his class, i'll be reading like a freak and maybe even attempting to stick the book to my head to remember things through osmosis. ;)

My parents arrive tomorrow, providing they dont hit to many rough spots in Georgia from the hurricane. This is cool, although, i feel like i have 8000 things to do and not nearly enought time. Tonight will be mass cleaning and whatever homework i may have. FUN FUN. Righto.

Ok, other than that, i got nothing.

i updated tho! Do i get a cookie?? mmmm cookie. i think i need breakfast.


 i'm baaaaak... by request    2004-09-27 15:15:40 ET
...of mah Tina.

So, here i am. Not alot to say as usual. i'm going to school now, 4 days a week. Working on my associates in Criminal Justice. It's fun... scary that i'm saying this, yes.

My husband is in Iraq, and working retarded hours. And i'm busy checking out hot guys in nailpolish, ripped fishnet shirts and bondage pants in HEB with mah Tina. What better way to spend a year away from your husband? Haha. The Tina has been the best at keeping me company in this lovely time. i dunno who else could put up with me and my kids like she does.


Nothing else real exciting to report. i suppose i'll try to stop being a pain in the ass and keep up with SK. Need to do some revamping with pix and my bio, so... when the time arises, that shall de done.

Oh yeah, i got my son a kitten for his bday this week. i've lovinly nicknamed the cat, SPIDERMAN, because he thinks its fun to attach to my clothes and climb up to my shoulder. It's interesting to say the least... especially when your trying to clean, but you have a cat hanging from the side of your leg. haha.

So, that is all for now.

More updates to come. PROMISE TINA, so i'm not a "pain in teh ass" :)

     2004-05-18 05:37:06 ET
i dont know why i even write in here, no one ever reads it. Ah well... fuck it.

i've had a rough few days. Some shite going on here that i'm having a hard time dealing with. On top of all that, Mike is leaving very soon for Iraq.

Been working out and working my ass off, slowly but surely. Got some shite to do today. Gotta find my power of attorny so that i can join the O'club and get the kids pool membership. Keegan is taking private swimming lessons there this morning. Expensive, but i hear it's totally worth it.

Yuk yuk, i wish i could hire a maid to finish my laundry. HA!

Labret is healing up nicely. Cant wait to put a seamless ring in it! Wooo.

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