2003-03-03 16:59:39 ET

I am so sick of of the U.S. and this stupid spat in the middle east. It is really uncalled for. Bill Clinton should have taken care of the problem years ago, but because he was to busy getting his dick sucked to do his job sept 11th happened and now there is actually somewhat of a resonable fear of biological or nuclear warfar. Everyone is so terrified of what war will bring and they wont get re elected to realize that they are fucking up big time. Yes lets just wait untill they are a real threat to take care of the problem. War is nessicary if the al quida is set on fighting us they will, if korea is set on fighting us they will, and if iraq is set on fighting us they will, so why wait untill it is on there terms rather than ours.

If someone wants to kick your ass are you just going to beat the shit out of them or are you going to wait untill they can kick your ass to fight them.

Schools2003-03-03 15:04:54 ET

I am so upset with schooling, Latley I have been helping my brother with his school work. I do not understand why schools insist on teaching useless facts rather than teaching how to think and determin individual ideas and opinions. I have no ability to understand why they teach mimiking rather than thinking.

HOTTOPICS;where do they find them2003-02-18 16:26:10 ET

I am ever so curious as to were hottopics employes come from!!! Normally I avoid the store entirely, but they had this really cute pair of pink beaded butterfly thongs I wanted to get for valentines day. Well the two cleks spent 15 min holding up my panties while discussing how many feale smurfs. They finally gave me my underwhere when I solved there argument (there is one female smurf smurfette) I just am a lil curious as to how long they were debating that.

P.S. Next time I will just get it online.

2003-02-18 13:15:10 ET

I got fired today. So now the company gets to pay me more money than I was actually making not to work. Isn't the govrnment great.

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