2003-07-24 14:35:58 ET

The doctor says I am dialated one centimeter, so it should not be long before I have the baby.

2003-07-21 17:09:13 ET

I just came from the baby shower my mom threw. It turned out better than I thought. My family is really rude though. All my aunts and grandma kinda sat alone and didnt really even say anything to me. I kinda am the black sheep of the family but hell I am the first grand kid to have a baby in wed lock and actually raise it on my own with out my mom doing it for me. ont get to pick our familys so i cant really complain. I did get lots of cool presents like all the winnie the pooh bedding and lots of baby clothes, My mom got me a crib and a digital camera, and I got a big huge stroller. In the end i guess it was worth the three hours of akwardness.
Tomorrow I have another one that my mother in law is throwing with all my husbands realtives, i cant wait.

2003-07-17 16:59:56 ET

Birthdays suck. I just turned 20 and my mom or dad didnt even call me to wish me happy birthday. My husbands grandma that I never met even sent me a card and my own parents forgot.
Well I dont know if my dad forgot, I havent heard from him since july 4 th, and he was fighting with his wife. I think she may have done him in and chopped him up to hide the evidence or something. I am not sure but normally we talk at least 3 times a week and every time i call it says the line is busy and I emailed him and recieved no answer.
I guess my birthday wasn't that bad really. Monte took me out to the Olive Garden and then we went to the dollar movie theater and saw X men 2.

2003-07-13 18:40:40 ET

I dont know how much longer I will have the oppurtunity to tak a pic of my huge belly so I stopped procrastinating and finally let some one take one.

2003-06-29 16:22:25 ET

Maddie i feel will be here very soon. Friday I had the lovely experience of false labor (the only thing that was born was extreme anticipation)I cant wait even though i am not exactly prepared.

On another note Evelyn's Kittens are doing very well, there eyes have opened and they can sorta crawl (except the pudgy one that stands up and starts to shake cause he isnt strong enough)I think Monte is getting attached and we will be adopting them all even though i am not too found off that.

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