2003-08-04 11:40:37 ET

The patheticness of perents is not truely realized till adult hood.
I just spent a good 20 min trying to convince my mom to get her cats fixed, her argument on why not to was that they should be a loud to experience parenthood at least once. I think her fixiation with her kitties is due to empty nest syndrom which she shouldnt be expieriencing untill my 15 year old brother moves out, but has one of the most severe cases I have every seen.

*She currently has 6 cats.

2003-08-02 17:15:12 ET

For the first time in my life my mom told me to have sex, she really wants her grand daughter here. Then again she also told me to walk in circles and do jumping jacks, run laps . None of that stuff makes you have a baby faster.

2003-08-02 17:05:39 ET

Today I was a Bitch and I feel bad. Me and Monte where wrestling around and i got a contraction and he didnt know it and didnt stop. So I yelled at him to stop and then he did stop and he felt bad and I ended up yelling at him "well it fucking hurts" well it did hurt. he made his sad face and it made me feel like shit.

2003-08-02 12:41:20 ET

I anticipate seeing my toes soon, boy do i miss them!

2003-07-29 10:49:24 ET

Today has been the worst day. I just don't understand how people can be so inconsiderate. I had an appointment at 1 pm for medicaid and food stamps, the case worker ended up not even seeing me till 1:45 and then didn't get out of there till 2:45 and the lady didnt even tell me anything except come back when the baby is born. So I ended up missing my 2 o clock dr.s appt, which I sorta needed to go to because the baby is due in a week so I had to re schedule it for next wendsday (which I will probally have the baby before then) and I really wanted to know how far I am dialated. GRRRR

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