2003-11-25 05:04:53 ET

maddie is getting her christmas photo takin tomorow i am so excited she isto cute in her lil red and black velvet dress. for christms we ar getting her ears pierced, so she will aways have her first christmas present

2003-11-21 17:40:15 ET

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2003-11-21 16:43:27 ET

Deck the halls with boughs of holly... FA LA LA LA LA...LA LA LA LA...
Today I put the tree up, for some reason I woke up filled with the christmas spirit. Maddie loves the tree, she cant take her eyes of of all the sparkley lights. My apartment is so small now. But i like the chistmas stuff, so does maddie. so it is all good.

2003-11-18 22:55:36 ET

I haven't been here in so long, but the good thing about subkulters is it is always here. How is everyone, good I hope. Maddie is now 3 months old, she is doing really great. The dr says she has advanced social skills and pays atention very well. she can say "oh" and "mmm" on command and she can flair her nostrills cause her daddy tought her how. Not much has really been going on, I finally got internet. My new aim name is mayzie71 and my new email is mayzie71@aol.com. Ill update my pictures soon, I have to get like 4 rolls of film developed. I cant wait to get the Halloween ones back, I went as dorothy and maddie was toto. I carried her around in a picnic basket and everything it was too cute. Montes mom made are costumes and mine matched the movie exactly. it was great fun.

2003-09-03 14:33:37 ET

What would be a good present for monte for our 1 year anniversary??? Any suggestions???

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