2003-09-03 10:18:32 ET

For all you comic book fans!!!


2003-09-02 13:25:04 ET

It has taken a bit to get used to taking care of Maddie. She is getting bigger she gained one lbs and is an inch longer, none of her clothes really fit yet but they are getting there. I am fairly lucky maddie tends to be very calm and doesn't fuss to much. Her sleeping habits aren't the best yet but they are regulating. I am gtting used to not getting enough sleep. I just wish my old clothes would fit. It seems none of my clothes fit and i can't even exercise. I have to wait till sept 22 to exercise or have sex. grrrr.
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Maddies here2003-08-20 11:14:20 ET

At about 1:30 am on Aug 11th the contractions started, they were 6 min apart and soon moved to 5 then 4 and by 2:30 they were 3 min apart. That was when we decided to call the doctor. He said it was false labor probably but to come in if I wanted to. Well after a brutally painful contraction and biting Monte's knee cap we decided to head to the hospital. We got there at about 3 and the nurse said I was dilated 3 cm. She attached a monitor to my belly and we began to wait, by 4 i was dialated 5 cm and that meant i could get pain medicine. They gave me a shot of something that made me nauseous as hell but eased the pain a lil, and at about 6 they gave me my epidural from then on i chilled and watched cartoons. At about 9:30 the nurse came in and said we are ready to push and at 10 am exactly We welcomed Madilyn Grace into the world. She was 19 inches long and weighed 5 lbs 13.5 oz. She looks just like her daddy.

I am so excited and exhausted but she is great, she hardly fusses and is really calm and alert. She can mimic faces and so she now can stick out her tounge in respounce to me or her daddy sticking out our tounges at her. Everything is going fine with the exception of she has something wrong with her tounge and might have to have a minor sergury becasue it might be attached which isnt really a problem her dad had to have it when he was born too.

2003-08-09 10:57:30 ET

I went to the doctor on the 6th for my weekly check up. Basicly the doctor said no baby for a week or two, and that wasnt what i wanted to hear. I am so sick of being pregnant, I was due the 7th I should be holding the baby by now. They figured my due date through a blood test and ultra sound and only 2% of the time is the baby late. I guess I am one of the two per cent. I just hope I dont fall into the 15% that water breaks in public.

2003-08-09 10:52:16 ET

The other night while at Wal-Mart looking for a crib with my Mom, we passed the shoe section. UPon walking by my mom satarts to look in the little kid section for light up sneakers in size four (for herself). She spent 30 min looking for a pair refusing to budge till she found a pair. I told her if i found her a pair she had to buy an outfit. So I went to the nearest stockman and asked him to find a pair and it really didnt matter what the shoes looked like they just had to light up when you walk. He comes back with a pair and my mom says "gimme gimme" she even tried them on. I was so embarrassed and then to add to it the stockman kinda just looked at her backed up and moved his ladder and cart of stock to a diffrent isle. She then put the shoes on the parkinglot and was jumping up and down to make them light. The shoes are kinda cute for a raver or maybe a lil kid (they are white with purple and pink hearts on them and they have lights in the soles and on the velcro straps and i think they have stars on them too)but not for a forty one year old grandma.

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