I just had a lovely conversation with my dad... he is finally leaving my horrible step mom... Loida is an anti american filipino that treats my half sister and half brother (her step children) with the affection of hitler to the jews... he said he wouldnt tolerate her treating nadine (my 9 year old sister that is virtually perfect, well behaved, excellent grades, good house keeper and she is very loving and caring) the way she does...for example wrighting in green marker on the kitchen walls you dirty disgusting children i hate you (not nadine, loida a 37 year old did this) so i am very excited he has grown balls and is packing his and nadines stuff (nathan my half brother is now living with his mother because of various problems, some due to loida some due to being a teenager) the only glitch in this is that my dad and loida have a butiful baby girl that is 1 1/2 and I fear KC will probally be moving to the philipinos with loida, seeing loida hates americans so... and of course once she is in the philipeans who will raise her loidas brothers wife while loida looks for a job and probally remarries... this is so not cool i feel bad for kc but it seems there is no other option

NIGHTMARE FROM HELL2004-02-11 11:33:30 ET

Gotta love ERs. Last night I lost all faith in ours. Maddie had a temp of 103.1 so the logical result would be to take her to the ER, we got there at 5:30pm well after a 30 minute wait for a room... we finally were seen... in comes a nurse to take her temp and blood pressure and to ask a bunch of questions i already awnsered when i first got there to the receptionist... 25 minute wait then another nurse comes in to see how we are doing and to ask the same questions i ve now awnsered twice... finally 15 min later a dr comes in asks the same questions and swabs her nose to check for RSV and the flu... 1 hr later after maddie is comfortable sleeping again a diffrent dr comes in and says "Your daughter has a very high tempeature and both tests came back as negative so we need to do a blood test and check for urine infection... 10 minutes goes by and two uhm "Highly intelligent" nurses come in to give maddie a cathater (mommy and daddy are kinda pissy now and dont like this one bit) well the two nurses try with the first kit and after 10 minutes of trying they cant get it in so here comes kit number two and another ten minutes od maddie screaming and still they couldnt get it in so she gets a third kit and finally they get her urine sample... maddie is nice, calm and sleeping and 25 minutes have passed and they take her for xrays and take a blood sample... no luck there... finally about 30 min later the dr comes back in "your baby has a very high fever, all our test came back negative, she has a virus make sure you take her too the dr tomorrow and give her 25 mg of tylenol every 4 the moral of this experiment is that after almost 5 hours of tests they dont have a clue

we went to walmart to get maddie a feel better present for all the discomfort we got her the carebear movie and baby mozart and freinds sleepy time...

gave maddie tylenol every 4 hrs adn took maddie at 10 15 am to see dr. harwood ( maddies dr was out of the office today grrr) he looks in her nose listens to her chest and checks her temp (which is now normal but with all the tylenol it should be) then he goes on and on about RSV which she tested negative for and then says just give her tylenol or tylenol cold... wich i had been doing anyways...

so he didnt know what had made my daughters fever shoot up to 103.1... but on a positive tone maddie loves her new movies

2004-02-09 19:12:27 ET

I am in a very philosiphical mood and pondering our current political situation... hmm who to vote for... Since there isnt too much politics left in our political system i have come to the conclusion that anyone qualified to be president is smart enough to realize they dont want the job...

2004-02-09 18:29:00 ET

it is so late and i am so tired but i want to keep an eye on maddie, she is running a fever of 100.8 and has been puking...unfortunatley on me... i feel so bad for her and there isnt anything i cna do to make her feel better... i guess the drs tomorrow...

2004-02-09 09:05:22 ET

I am so tired... I stayed up till like 9 am with Maddie who was quite miserable... and of course once I do get her to sleep the phone rings or somebody knocks on the door... GRRR...Right now she is watching her baby einstien movie in her high chair sucking on a runny rhino feel better pop... when I was younger we didnt get suckers when we were sick we got nasty grape flavored cough syrup...

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