2005-05-31 15:39:29 ET
If I wanted to join the circus when it came to town, would you hold my hand when the tents got cold at night?
If I came in from a rainstorm, soaked from head to toe, would you give me your jacket to keep warm?
If I tripped on a rock in the road and scraped my knee, would you humor me and treat it as a terrible injury?
If I wanted to dance under the stars with no music or reason, would you learn to waltz with me?
If I made you a bracelet out of plastic beads and wishes, would you wear it proudly for all to see?
If I woke from a nightmare, terrified and shaking, would you remind me what reality feels like?

If, on a whim, I wanted to get out of this town, would you come along for the ride?

     2005-05-28 23:44:34 ET
Plans for the future:

become Jewish
invent Avengement cake frosting

 Invisible to you...    2005-05-27 12:38:47 ET

+ If I'm chatting and don't know how to spell a word, I'll look it up first, so as to not look like an idiot.
+ I wish I would have applied somewhere other than Seattle.
+ I'm afraid of relationships.
+ I hate religion.
+ I want to get rid of all my friends before I go to college so that I can't blame distance for my own faults and changes.
+ My sister hangs out with gross people, and that scares me.
+ Tomorrow is the first Saturday in 7 weeks that I haven't had plans.
+ I don't think Center Stage is going to give me a job.
+ Although I haven't tired very hard, I'm upset about my lack of scholarships.
+ I'm really done with Mary.
+ I want to hold Will in my arms until he's not sad anymore.
+ Even though she plays favorites, Mrs. Hill is one of the most amazing people I've ever met in my life.
+ Kyler and Matt are extremely stuck up.
+ I have a headache.
+ I need new pants.
+ My mom isn't home, and I don't know where she is.
+ I wish someone would notice me.

Well, that's it, I suppose.

     2005-05-24 20:16:31 ET
I brought some ramen to Kyler and Matt at the school, and now I'm hanging out for a bit while they finish it. Unfortunately, my house didn't believe in bowls at the moment that I made it, so I just brought it all in the pot and a Smurf Thermos.

Seriously, I need to have a talk with Mrs. Hill.
For some reason, she seems like the only person I can talk to right now.

     2005-05-22 10:30:11 ET
I don't understand this obsession people have with Star Wars.

     2005-05-21 22:18:02 ET
The show is over!

Now I have to find a real job...


     2005-05-19 14:15:06 ET
Well, I won $300 last night. An award for being at the theatre way too often, and doing the work no one else wants to do. But hey, $300 is $300, right?

Flicker's is closing its doors forever come tomorrow. It's weird that I never go there anymore, yet I'm still incredibly sad. A good part of my high school life was spent in that coffee shop...laughing, crying, sipping white chocolate caramel steamers,listening to guitars and accordians, reading magazines, playing cards, sleeping, laughing, crying...and tomorrow will be the final goodbye.

I guess it's that time of the year for farewells...

 poor sport?    2005-05-16 15:45:22 ET
You know, I try to be rational about things. I try to be happy for my friends when something good happens to them. I try to believe that someday I'll have my shining moment.

But I swear to fucking god, if Mary wins that scholarship, I'll snap.

     2005-05-13 08:14:30 ET
Hey, stupid kid, guess what?
I think I'm finally getting over you.

Well, I'm going down to the Vigilante Parade today. Which, by the way, is the most ridiculous thing in Montana history to celebrate. And generally, every year, the weather is crappy or too hot, and the floats suck. And yet the entire town comes out to look at these flat-bed trailors with dirt on them, made by kids who just wanted to get out of school for a day.

Well, it should be fun.
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     2005-05-10 19:47:36 ET
I get so malicious toward others when I'm unhappy with myself.

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