2005-07-17 23:06:20 ET
She's crazy about you.
Do you realize that?

 Gym Class Heroes    2005-07-17 12:46:16 ET
I woke up at 3 today.
Mmm, taste that wasted life...
So good.

"No matter what I do, I seem to make the same mistakes that I try not to."

     2005-07-14 23:22:29 ET
Oh boy.
I'm so clumsy.
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     2005-07-13 22:47:01 ET
When I'm feeling jealous, or angry, or insecure, my first defense is sarcasm.
And usually in the case of making fun of other people. People I love.

I hate that I do that.

And I hate even more that it makes me feel better...

 8 1/2    2005-07-11 08:46:30 ET
"...Life is a holiday. Let us live it together...
Accept me as I am.
Only then will we discover each other."

Last night I had a weird dream.
It involved John Stamos and Brad Pitt and Binky from the theatre, as well as a boxing ring and a man with a tractor. I couldn't tell you what it was about other than I had killed someone and was running away.
But at one point I found a gray house and went in and Nick was on the floor with a bunch of paper. After I sat for a while, he showed me what he had been writing. It was a list of his favorite moments in life.
One said, "Going to the UU with Carina again."
I really have no idea what that means, but in the dream I did apparently, and it made me happy.

In other news...I'm still sick.

     2005-07-09 23:41:32 ET
Seriously, why the hell is she calling me at 1 in the morning on her first day back in town?
Is she going to yell at me again, like she always does?
But about what? I haven't even seen her for a week, how could I have done anything wrong?
Well, somehow I did. We all know I did. It's always my fault. Always.

Why am I still letting her get to me?

     2005-07-08 16:37:14 ET
Well, I should probably stop sitting around.

     2005-07-06 21:57:34 ET
Dreaming doesn't cost anything.
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     2005-07-05 00:36:13 ET
The fireworks lit up my eyes tonight.
I'm glad you were there to share them with me.

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go is a kick ass song.
And I don't care if you think I'm silly.

As far as obnoxious people go, that wasn't bad.
At least Mary wasn't there, throwing up.

You're lucky Little Jimmy doesn't live in Montana.
If he did, he would hunt you down and bother you.

Car hugs are awkward.
But in a good way.
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     2005-07-03 08:38:13 ET
If you're afraid of spiders and being alone
I'll squash every one, and stay with you.

If you're afraid of what the future holds
Don't worry, because tomorrow will be the present.

If you're afraid of getting lost along the way
I'll draw you a map with crayons and dreams.

If you're afraid of hurting someone
Don't worry, I carry a box of band-aids.

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