I think I know exactly what I mean...    2005-04-15 22:15:17 ET
Finishing a book
Not doing Spanish homework
Wearing pants under a skirt
Feeling like a geek
Lenny playing the drums
Not wearing shoes
Mike's lip ring
Not doing drugs
Editing crappy movies
Cashing in change
Coffee shops
Sugar shots
Playing follow-the-leader
Chocolate chip/mini M&M pancakes
Broken eggs
Taking pictures
Laughing 'til it hurts

A few of my favorite things.
Today was a great day.

 got his hands in his pockets    2005-04-12 19:54:10 ET
Well, after a crazy, unorganized gathering for a dinner of Mac & Cheese...I went to the Decemberists show tonight!

It was absolutely delightful! I sat/stood/danced with the cool kids, like Katie, Kayla, Mike, and Nick.
They played The Mariner's Revenge Song which was awesome, and we all screamed like we were being eaten by a whale! No Chimbley Sweep, which is sad, but the rest was amazing enough to make up for it.
Colin Meloy is a hottie, sure, but Petra Haden! Oh man, she is the cutest dang thing in the whole world. I can't get over it.

Probably the best show to come through Helena in a long time. Or ever, really.

"Will you stay here for a while, dear
Til the radio plays something familiar..."

     2005-04-10 19:49:52 ET
I set my oven on fire tonight while making tacos.
What a party!

And I've discovered that when my hands are cold (all the time..) it eventually makes my arm joints hurt. Especially and most often my elbow and thumb. Weird. And probably not a good thing.

     2005-04-09 20:57:38 ET
I saw "A Very Long Engagement" today in Bozeman with Nick, Kallie, Lenny, and Rune.
It was really good. A beautifully made movie, and different than I had expected, but in a good way.
Those love stories get me every time...

And you know, I think I'm addicted to anything pesto-related. So delicious...

This weekend has gone by too quickly.
Next week is going to be long. And I need a job. Seriously this time.
And Tuesday is the Decemberists concert! I'm so excited, I could just die. But that wouldn't do me much good, I suppose.

     2005-04-06 20:21:49 ET
I drove around most of the afternoon with a little girl garden gnome sitting in the front seat next to me.
Don't worry, she was wearing a seat belt.

I'm currently writing the first scene of a movie that I hope to start filming in June. It's about twins, a brother and sister, named Damien and Darcy. I've never actually put this much work into a script before, so I'm sort of excited and proud of myself.

In other news, Mango Madness Snapple is quite possibly the best drink in all the land. Mmmm...

     2005-04-04 17:46:45 ET
I've discovered that I have a strong hatred for Tootsie Pops, and the only reason I ever ate them was in hopes of getting a wrapper with the little Indian guy on it.

It is a sad moment when this is the most shocking realization I've come to all day.

In other news...I hate school. I hate it because everyone there has this preconceived idea of who "Carina" is. I don't think I'm that person anymore, but I can't let them down or they freak out.
Two months is too long.

     2005-04-03 15:53:41 ET
I haven't showered or gotten dressed today, and it's about 7pm.

And you know...I don't really mind being lazy.

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