2005-05-09 19:44:21 ET
It's the truth though...

Rain is the best thing in all the land.
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     2005-05-06 22:44:07 ET
I have a piece of construction paper
On my chest in the shape of a heart.
It's tied with white kite string
And splashed with red finger paint.
It wants a loving home
under magnets on the refrigerator.

It wants to be treasured.

     2005-05-05 20:31:47 ET
I expect too much of people.

I don't like being just "one of the guys."

I'm giving up too soon.

     2005-05-04 13:02:43 ET
I hate hate hate the process of graduating!

I think I might hate it more than the soon-to-be RENT movie. Which is another thing that I'm blowing out of proportion, but that I still hate. Let's not get into it.

     2005-05-01 19:26:58 ET
I think more than anything, I hate being boring.

     2005-04-28 08:00:16 ET
I don't know why I'm even bothering with these fucking scholarships.
We all know I'm not talented/smart/ambitious enough to win any of them.

Fuck going to school.
I want to be a hermit.

     2005-04-24 11:41:02 ET
Watched Magnolia last night with Nick, Kyler, Kayla, and Rune. (That seems to be the only group of people I can handle for more than 20 minutes.)

It was a good movie, I must say. Last night I only kind of liked it, but that could be because it's 3 hours long, and it was past 2a.m. After doing some contemplating and reading (about the secrets!), I've come to the conclusion that I really like it. Yup.

Well, I've got to do some cleaning today, which I am not looking forward to. And I also have to memorize my lines for Li'l Abner. Yeah, we have 2 shows next weekend. It's going to suck.

     2005-04-22 22:31:42 ET
I hope I'm not addicted to attention, like everyone else at the theatre. I don't think I am. Hmmm.

Anyway, it's getting warm lately, which is nice, but in all honesty I hate hot weather more than anything. It will be good for when I do my fingerpaint mural! Man, I'm excited for that.

Hey, we're watching Magnolia tomorrow night after my stupid show, ok? It'll probably be around 10:30. I said I wouldn't forget, and I didn't. :)

I want to sleep the afternoon away. But, I have toothpaste to buy and cars to clean. Well, just one car. My car. It is super dirty though.

     2005-04-21 14:53:57 ET
When I jumped into that puddle
I wanted to drown in it.
But instead I just got my feet soaked.

     2005-04-18 07:40:41 ET
I hate today.

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