2005-10-22 02:13:30 ET
I don't fit in anywhere.

Being alone is so scary for most people.
I can't fear what I've known my whole life.

I'm going extinct.

 Mary Wollstonecraft    2005-10-18 09:24:15 ET
You know, I'm sick of this preconceived idea about women that the world has. Just because I don't wear make-up or skimpy clothes or do my hair, does that make me any less of a girl? Actually, if you knew me, you'd know my mindset is more like a girl's than most. (It's rather obnoxious, really.) Mary Wollstonecraft was right...we're all trained to be and believe this one thing, and if anyone steps outside those bounds, they're shunned. They're called disgusting, or peculiar. I hate it.

That's my rant for the day.

     2005-10-13 08:41:29 ET
I need a hug.
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 This is where the fish live    2005-10-07 19:00:15 ET
I made a friend today.
Her name is Kim, and she's super cute.
My roommate is being a hooch and hitting on the guy across the hall. Nonstop. And yet she claims she doesn't like him. What a hooker.
I'm going to a movie tonight.
With "Jude," Kim, and Nick.

I think I'm gonna like it here.

     2005-09-30 18:43:17 ET
There is so much to do in Seattle.
Is it weird that I just want to ride the bus around all day?

The view from my room is amazing. I live in a corner apartment overlooking downtown. It's amazing. And the noise isn't too bad because we're so high up. So that's nice.

Coming here made me realize how really shy and anti-social I am.

     2005-09-25 20:39:53 ET
If I could have one wish, it'd be to be beautiful.

Just for one day.

     2005-09-24 23:31:42 ET
Why do boys suck so much?
They're all liars, cheats, and whores.
In that order.
Except, sometimes whoring comes before cheating.
But, that would depend on the guy.
In this case, just one.
His name starts with a K.
And rhymes with Tyler.

But even moreso...
Why do girls suck so much?
They're all liars, cheats, and whores!
But mostly just whores.
One in particular.
Her name starts with a Jo
And ends with a Sie Adams.

Um, the point of the story is that spying is the coolest thing ever in the world (next to Marty McFly). I should be a professional. I'll have to learn to avoid cans on the sidewalk AND THE STREET?! How is that even possible?!

K, well, Kayla and I are going to go have a sleepover now. We'll be having a pillowfight in our underwear and baking cookies and chatting to boys and giggling all night. :)
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     2005-09-19 01:11:55 ET
The other night, something extremely strange happened to me.

Kyler and I went driving, and I was meaning to tell him about a dream I had the night before, in which we were driving and I was talking to him about his movie script. I was saying that the part where the strangers say what they're feeling is really great, and he should think about expanding on that idea, and make more characters do that.

So, after our drive, he called me just to talk or whatever. And he says, "Oh! I meant to tell you this while we were driving, but I forgot. I had a dream about you the other night."

And he continues to tell me, nearly word for word, what happened in my dream from the same night. He says, "...and you were telling me that you liked the idea, and that I should use it more throughout the movie..."

Wait. Stop. Were we in a car?

"Yeah, I think we were..."

We had the same dream.

Maybe it's because we have been hanging out nearly every moment possible for the past month or so, and have talked on the phone or face-to-face for hours at a time every night. Or it's because he has been working so hard on his script, and we've been discussing it at length. Maybe we're just on the same brainwave, and we can have the same thoughts even when we're sleeping.

Whatever the reason, it was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had.

     2005-09-06 20:24:03 ET
Today, I received my rooming information and schedule and stuff from AIS.

How scary is this?

     2005-08-28 20:54:51 ET
I like pretending to be in a wheelchair
(but I hate blonde bimbos).
I like talking with people on my bed in the dark, looking at the stars
(but I hate not knowing what to think when hands touch).
I like washing my car
(but I hate that the windows leak).
I like Queer As Folk
(but I hate cliffhangers).
I like Kayla and I'm glad she's coming home
(but I hate waiting).
I like having emotional connections with people
(but I hate that he and I will never have one).
I like making fun of laughter with Will
(but I hate when he is sad).
I like getting gas for the sole purpose of driving 'til it's gone
(but I hate having to pay for soda).
I like planning and plotting and being creative
(but I hate being so lazy).
I like getting tips at work
(but I hate working).
I like getting stuff off my chest
(but I hate that that still makes me cry).
I like making mixed CDs with only 6 tracks
(but I hate that I can't find the Miss America song).
I like having crushes that are purely for fun
(but I hate only having a month left in town).
I like being old enough to buy cigarettes
(but I hate the temptation to smoke them).
I like releasing lawn gnomes back into society
(but I hate not being able to keep them).
I like staying up late
(but I hate getting up early).

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