2005-12-20 06:31:17 ET
Life was so much easier when I had 4 friends. Who would have ever thought I'd be complaining about being popular?

I'm going snowboarding today. I'm so excited! Snowboarding is one of the things that I actually feel comfortable and even attractive while doing. I get a sort of confidence when I do it, and I love that. I can't wait! And I'm going with Kurt, which will probably be a lot of fun.

So, obviously, home is home. Things are different, but I've been bustling about so much that I hardly notice. Maybe when/if life slows down I'll be able to figure out how I really feel about Helena.
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 where do I begin?    2005-12-09 21:18:24 ET
I'm so taken aback by Matt's talent, ambition, honesty, and passion.

I'm the luckiest person alive to have the friends that I do.
I am proud of each of them every single day.

I hope they know.

     2005-12-01 13:23:38 ET
Snow is the best thing in the world.
What a perfect present for the first of December!

I love Christmas.
Everything about it is so magical.

I'd ask for the entire year to be this happy, but then it wouldn't feel special anymore. Candy canes, lights, carols, snow, cookies, trees, snow, smiles and stories. What could be better? Well let's not forget presents (if people like you).

The best present for me this Christmas won't be under the tree or in my stocking. It will be in my arms at the airport when I fly back to Montana on the 16th.

 Rent    2005-11-23 11:56:51 ET
Sometimes I feel really stupid that this is the most exciting thing that's happened to me since I saw the real show sophomore year.

A part of me hates this movie already.
And a bigger part of me is falling in love without even having seen it yet.

     2005-11-19 23:12:08 ET
How am I not myself?
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     2005-11-17 09:16:44 ET
I woke up this morning and a boy was in Megan's bed. Megan was not here (she had class at 7:30am) but her "boyfriend" definitely was. I guess I don't mind, it was just sort of startling because I didn't notice him at first. Let's just say it's a good thing I got dressed in the bathroom.

I won some tickets to see Bee Season. I haven't heard much about it at all, but hey, ticekts are free, so I might as well check it out, right?
I'm taking Matt, who seems to be my best friend at the moment. Yesterday I didn't hang out with him, and it felt like the longest, most uneventful day ever. I love spending time with him. I just wish I could make him happy. I wish I could fill that void.

Jackie and I are going to start fake exercizing. Walk to and from the Space Needle every day. And when we're there, do 30 sit-ups/jumping jacks/whatever on the lawn. Should be a good time.

I hate dreaming that I have to save you. I hate thinking that you could disappear from my world at any moment, without a second thought. I hate that nothing will bring this back.

     2005-11-10 09:24:56 ET
We untied our shoes
and skipped over the laces
like Double Dutch.

     2005-11-03 23:58:54 ET
Things I need to stop doing:

thinking about movie theater kid
calling him "movie theater kid" (his name is Zach)
biting my nails
staying up so late
falling in love with Rune (seriously, it's so last year)
putting off World Civ homework
being skeptical about Kyler
having sad dreams
getting jealous...of everyone...
talking to myself on the street
avoiding Kim
holding grudges toward Mary
staying up so late
liking sad bastard emo music (okay maybe not...)
boasting about how awesome I am
wasting time on the computer (doing nothing)
feeling sorry for myself
taking too much medicine

     2005-10-31 08:45:03 ET
I hate that Kyler can affect me so much by ultimately doing nothing.
I hate that I thought he was my best friend for a while.
I hate that he's dating Josie.

I hate that I have school today.
I hate that it's Halloween and I have nothing to do.
I hate that I need to do laundry again already.

I love that Matt likes Home Movies so much.
I love that I'm making a presentation for Kayla's parents.
I love that I saw that kid Zach again last night.

     2005-10-26 18:35:17 ET
I got my ears gauged.
Just 12 for now, but I'll stretch them soon enough.

It was for me. Not anyone else.
And I am so happy about it.


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