2009-11-15 17:25:08 ET

So, I got offered the most theft proof motorcycle ever.

I just need hello kitty & barbie stickers.

2009-11-09 21:33:13 ET

I am awesome. Just thought I'd share.

2009-11-05 20:23:56 ET

Maybe I should just lean off my balcony and fall to the asphalt below.

2009-11-05 16:27:36 ET

I really feel a hell of a lot better since getting on thyroid meds a few weeks ago. My cankles are getting less swollen and I actually have energy again. I'm still losing hair though which is gay, but you'd never guess that since I have a lot of head hair to begin with. It's just odd to me to be down to above average thickness not insane thickness.

The Miata is running swell again... minus needing a/c work which will hopefully happen soon. Mom & Dad said they'd pay for it for Christmas but they're not terribly reliable about that or anything else they promise so we'll see.

I'm all signed up for most of my classes, except German which I have to take at another school and transfer it in. However, getting in contact with that school has been a pain in the ass. I even managed to pass the math placement test so no more pre-req bullshit.

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