2009-11-03 21:00:30 ET

So, IKEA would give me a huger boner if I had a penis.

2009-11-02 16:28:30 ET

I went to IKEA again today. I bought the most comfy $50 chair ever - we'll see how it holds up. I also bought new silverware, new pots & pans, and new floor lamps. I <3 IKEA.

car insurance is teh bad kind of gay
2009-10-28 07:42:10 ET

So, I was trying to get a quote for my car insurance and the call was mysteriously disconnected after they asked what kind of coverage I wanted and I said, "the one with the least financial rapeage."
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2009-10-28 07:25:34 ET

So, a mechanic with high reviews is working on the CRX.

I still feel like he's trying to screw me.

He was going to trade me his supposedly mint cable LS trans for my equally mint hydro GSR trans. He then claimed because my trans (which hasn't been driven in a year) has no oil in it it'll go boom and then tries to get my Tein suspension off my car to make up for it and was like, I'll give you my Neuspeed springs so of course I was like umm no.

So, I'm making Scott do the talking to him now, because I'm really under the assumption that because I'm a chick he thinks I'm a moron.

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