Who are you and what have you done with DDR??!!!2002-08-15 09:21:48 ET

Center of fun, you are. Bouncy and sassy, with more of a grownup air than Puyo Puyo, you know how to enjoy yourself, whether in the middle of a crowd, or all by yourself. You make your own fun, and everyone thinks you're great to hang out with. Meow, baby. ^.~

Which Pump It Up Song Are You?

Oh my God I hate DDR now *hyperbole*!!! Must play Pump it Up excessively!!!

Why? I was at D&B (philly) today. According to DDRfreak.com they didn't have a Dance Dance Revolution machine. So I was there wandering aimlessly...hoping to some other apealling game...I knew I wasn't. I thought anyway.

This was a rather weird rip off of DDR. Instead of the old cardinal directions, however, there's diagonal directions in the corners and one in the middle.

However, the same rules remain, once a floating side arrow meets the corresponding arrow in the set in the corner, hit the same arrow on the stage...The songs in this were rather pretty good. Despite the quiz however, I didn't get to play Black Cat...heh...It seems there's a home version of this on PC...I wanna check it out...yayee....!!!

2002-08-13 06:52:14 ET

Why my ears have been popping since December.....Rock on bayee

How pretty bee blinkin' was.....

2002-08-10 09:14:10 ET

I sent them a link teh my flyer...I hope I get in!!!

2002-08-04 00:56:31 ET

Moms says no vidgames until december...wish me ficking luck...whatever...gives me more devotion with my writings and cartoons.....

Memory. Freedom. Thoughts. Intellect.
Take the quiz.


2002-08-02 21:41:03 ET


talk amongst everyone...

I swear he's ALBINO!!!2002-08-01 04:57:43 ET

Check out this little number I did...

Did it using This animation program the-N's got. My folks hate it because they think he's "pulling a Michael-Jackson" I don't care I like it....

Take you ridin' in the car-car, take you ridin' in the car!!!2002-07-29 16:27:10 ET

This is what I got:

This.....Well this is funny.....
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