It's thinking...2002-07-18 17:28:26 ET

I'm staying at my gramma's right now. I guess it's okay
because I'm skipping camp tomorrow. What am I doing right
now? I'm using the internet via Dreamcast...on My aunt's
Portable DVD player right now. (It's so I could still use
the internet and watch TV at the same time) What's on TV?
There's a Daria episode on NOGGIN right now. Yes they moved
the show to a prenium channel. What the hell was that
I HATE having to use the Dreamcast to come here.
The profiles and the entries don't have
backgrounds...there's only the primary background. That
makes the text unreadable....I don't care. Nothing's
keeping me from coming here. SK rulez!!!!!!
Guess what? I got my folks saying "Blacks can't be
alternative" again...Fuck that...

"Mirror, mirror on the wall...Jean-Claude-Van-Damn I'm fine!!!"2002-07-14 08:50:22 ET

Look at this I found on my pretty Bee was...

Damn I was pretty. Damn I was a fat bastard.

I have a new word for unterbisexual--pseudobisexual | DIE CHAUVANISTS!!!2002-07-12 14:10:57 ET

Which Angel would you be?

Also, check this out, while some of this was actually kind of true or funny, most of it was just stupid and chauvanistic, read on...
Rules To Be A Man
100 ways to keep your Testosterone flowing
1 Don't call, ever.
2 If you don't like a girl, don't tell her. It's more fun to let her figure
it out by herself.
3 Lie.
4 Name your penis. Be sure it is something narcissistic and unoriginal, such
as "spike"
5 If you lose something that belongs to someone else, tell them you
mailed it to them.
6 Here's a good pickup line, "My girlfiend's pregnant, will you go out
with me?
7 Drink Vernors.
8 Play with yourself. Talk about it.
9 Be as ambiguous as possible. If you don't want to answer, a nice
grunt will do.
10 Always remember: You are a man. Therefore, no matter what, it isn't your
11 Lie.
12 Girls find it attractive if a man has had more women than baths.
13 Never ask for help. Even if you really, really need help- don't ask.
People will think you have no penis.
14 Women like it when you ignore them. It arouses them.
15 Vanity is the most important trait for a man to have. Whenever you pass
a reflective surface, check you hair, clothing, etc.
16 If you don't like a girl, but can't think of a good enough reason why,
just come up with trite, meaningless explanations like, "I don't know. I
just don't like her personality."
17 If, GOD FORBID, you have to talk to a girl on the phone, use only
monosyllabic words and noises. Bodily noises are permissible.
18 TWO WORDS: Hack and spit.
19 Everyone finds a man more attractive if he can write his name with
20 One sure way to make a girl like you is to go after her best friend. She
will then see what she's missing and love you for not giving up on her.
21 Tell her you will call. Then, refer back to rule #1.
22 Say things like "Wha...?"
23 Don't wear matching clothes. People will think your girlfriend picked it
out, and it will cramp your style on picking up chicks.
24 Lie.
25 Deny everthing. Everything.
26 Good break up line, "It's not you, it's me."
27 If you like a girl, tell all your female friends about her. Because if
any of your female friends like you, they'll really want to know.
28 Don't have a clue.
29 If you get a clue, pretend you didn't and disregard it.
30 No means yes.
31 Yes means no.
32 If you don't get sex whenever you want, your balls will shrivel. Enforce
this rule at all times.
33 If anyone asks, you have had sex in all possible positions and locations.
34 Much like an orgasm signifies the end of a sexual peak, sex often
signifies the end of a relationship.
35 Feelings? What feelings?
36 Tell this to your girl before you have sex, "Don't worry. If you don't
have an orgasm, you won't get pregnant."
37 Life is one big competition. If someone is better than you at anything,
either pretend it's not true or kick some ass.
38 Gays are an unacceptable part of our society. Take it upon yourself to
personally irradicate all of them from the planet.
39 DO NOT make decisions about relationships. If you are backed into a
corner and must make a decision, stall. If you still must come up with an
answer, leave yourself a loophole for escape. Example:
Question: "Honey, will you take me out for a romantic dinner?"
Answer: "Yes, if you can guess how many sperm I produce each day."
40 Every sentence that anyone says can be contorted to have sexual meaning.
41 At any given opportunity, point out how things look like various
If, by chance, you have Play-Doh, make sure you make an exact replica of
your penis. Measure to make sure it's right.
42 Lie.
43 "Love" is not in your vocabulary. don't even think about saying it.
44 A general rule: If whatever you're doing does not satisfy you completely
in 5 minutes, it's really not worth it.
45 Diss your girlfirend. Beg and plead until you get her back. Diss her
again. Repeat cycle.
46 Lie.
47 ALWAYS apologize. NEVER mean it.
48 If you hurt someone, pretend you care. Don't.
49 Try to have a good memory, but it's OK if you forget trivial things. You
know, like your girlfriend's b-day and eye color.
50 Ignorance solves problems. If you can't see them, they can't see you.
51 It is never your duty to take responsibility for your actions.
52 Create new words and phrases to describe genetalia, sex, semen, etc.
53 Complain about not getting any mail. When people FINALLY feel sorry
or you and send you mail, ignore it and continue complaining.
54 Lie.
55 Play with your food only if you are in a public place with people you
don't know.
56 Play with your penis only if you are in a public place with people you
don't know.
57 If people express extreme disgust at whatever you are doing, DON'T STOP!
This is the desired reaction.
58 You are NOT a virgin. Ever. Males are born without virginity.
59 You are male, therefore you are superior.
60 Agenda for a boring evening: Get beer. Drink beer. Play with yourself.
Have sex. Drink more beer. Pass out.
61 Females do not care what you do to them as long as they get to please
62 Don't ever notice anything.
63 If you're going out with someone but you love someone else, don't say
anything. Wait until the girl you are going out with falls in love with
YOU, and then tell her.
64 Basic fundamental rule of dating: Quantity, not quality.
65 Basic fundamental rule of sex: Quantity IS quality.
66 Lie.
67 If you cheat on a girl, but no one finds out, then technically you've
done nothing wrong.
68 Crying is not manly. Then again, if you are a man, what do you have to
cry about, anyway?
69 If the question begins with "why," the answer is "I don't know."
70 Women are your napkins. Use them, and throw them away.
71 Remember, Every virgin girl is saving herself for YOU.
72 If you ever find yourself in a position where you have been proven wrong,
blame others. Come up with creative and believable excuses why they are
at fault- not you.
73 Don't ever let anyone say "I told you so." If you hear this phrase and
it didn't come out of your mouth, go ballistic.
74 If your woman makes you go shopping with her, drive around until a
parking spot right near the door opens up. If this takes hours, so be
it. You will have the coveted "door spot" and others will worship your
75 Keep track of how many seconds in your life you have thought about sex.
Compare with others.
76 Other peoples' pain is strictly for your amusement. Laugh long and loud.
77 Lie.
78 General Rule: Different is BAD.
79 If anyone asks you for a favor- a) make a big deal about how hard it is
for you to do it, b) remind them of this huge favor you've done for them
at least every 5 minutes for the rest of their life.
80 Each penny you save will be worth at least a dollar in the long run.
81 If you do something really mean to a girl, and she doesn't want to talk
to you, pretend nothing happened. If she still doesn't talk to you,
casually ask, "is something wrong?"
82 Three words: Let's be friends. Translation: I never want to speak to you
again, but it's bad for my nice-guy image if you are mad at me, so I'll
pretend I want to be your friend.
83 Lie.
84 If you're on a date, and there is a lull in the conversation, tell the
girl how many different dorms you've been laid in.
85 When you tell a girl about your past, it's good to say, "God, I was such
a pimp back then."
86 Here's a good trick. Tell a girl that you're going to leave and when you
come back, you want her naked, sprawled on the bed. Leave,and go into
her dad's room and tell him he should go check on his daughter. Then
drive like hell. (true story.)
87 If a girl breaks up with you because you're in love with someone else,
she has no right to be upset. Because, you know, SHE's the one who wanted
to end the relationship.
88 The best sex position is you, lying face up... and twenty girls on top.
89 Practice your blank stare.
90 Spend your spare time thinking of excuses and shove them up your ass.
Then, whenever you need one, you can pull it out of your ass.
91 If you ever forced to show emotion, just pick random emotions like rage
and lust and insanity and display them at random, inconvenient times. You
don't be asked to do it again.
92 If you are asked to do something you REALLY DON'T want to do, first try
your manly best to get out of it. If that doesn't work, go
ahead and do what you were asked to do, but complain that you
don't know how to do it and continuously ask questions on how
to do each little part. If no one rushes in to do it for you
YET, finish the job in the most half-assed way you possibly
can and then say, "SEE?? I TOLD you I couldn't do it."
Eventually, people will stop asking you to do things.
93 Work out day and night to make your body even more beautiful than it
already is. When people ask if you've been working out, say
things like, "No, baby, I was BORN like this!"
94 Do not listen to "pussy music" such as Erasure, Color Me Badd, or Oldies.
95 Beer. Then more beer.
96 Scratch your balls. See if you can embarrass people.
97 One word: FOOTBALL!
98 Real men beat up others who are inferior. I mean, we don't want the
inferior of the species to get to reproduce ever, do we???
99 Diss your girl friends for an occasional night or 5 out with "The
Gang". 100 LIE.

-Michael S. Borgwardt
It's from a site thats dead now. And I found this on my HD....
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heheheheheh.....2002-07-07 10:46:13 ET

You are ... Pinchy

Take the Simpsons Quiz @ Space Monkey Mafia dot com


You passed the Simpsons Trivia Test for Idiots. Your mother must be proud!!

Take the Simpsons Trivia Test for Idiots @ Space Monkey Mafia dot com


Yayee...I found out how to link the buddy pics...I wonder If I should have used their icons however...because they keep changing and i figured it didn't matter anymore.....

▄nterbisexual: just more of my tinpot philosophy...2002-07-04 13:44:12 ET

heterosexual one who has sexual attraction/intimate feelings for those of the opposite sex; straight. just like the masses and *shudder* DrLaura would have wanted it.

homosexual one who has sexual attraction/intimate feelings for those of the same sex; gay, queer, etc.

bisexual sexual attraction/intimate feelings for those of either gender; bi.

Now I'm here to open up a new can of worms. Unless someone can tell be there is a proper, uncrude word for a kind of newfound sexual orientation, I'm her to rant.

Now I've been watching movies and reading shit for a while. And I this never came up. And I ficking wondered a little if this is Fascinating enough to get people thinking of a name...or if I'm just wasting my time and I am just bisexual bisexual.

It's like something I wondered because I like dress feminine sometimes and have a lot of feminine traits....but on another hand, I have a girlfriend and I am still attracted to girls more than guys, which I have a much smaller attraction to, nonetheless, an attraction. I figured somebody else must have this problem, and probably has it it worse than me, with that, I have taken it apon my self to make up a word for this, if there aint one:

Řnterbisexual sexual/intimate feelings for both sexes, however, has those feelings stronger for one gender than the other.

I used a german word for a prefix. It means under, less than, shit among those lines. The problem however is I dont know whether or not I spent 20 minutes writing shit. What d'yeh make...?

IM or AIMchat? Those who keeps Saying "IM me!!" hows about chat invites...2002-07-02 19:06:03 ET

Okay, you AIMers...I keep seeing this "IM me. IM me. IM me." Its gotten me down to thinking.....Would these people really rather they had one on one conversations with multiple people...or would you rather a nice group thing? I mean really people. I can see where some one on one's should be engaged (like the ones between me and demiTori, Or little secret conversations I've seen people arrange and then disappear from chat for a while) But if its like yeh want a common friendly thing fer no real purpose, "for the hell of things," I say go with one AIM's fine chat invites. That way you just dont chew the fat with just one little guy, but with many, making it a more interesting environment, no? I'm just saying try it...You could be really crappin surprised....I've been in some interesting chats heheheh......
Lighter note...Yes, I'm still alive I've just not been around during the day because I have been pushed into social enlightenment again (Lay terms: day camp.) I wont like it. It gives me problems. SERIOUS problems...sometimes I wanna stand up and scream "I will be kept company when I'm damn good and ready..."

To everyone's disappoinment bee is not an albino...2002-06-28 17:09:57 ET

Sooo a couple of days ago i get some some film and shoot pics of myself in the cemeteary in front of headstones and such...I got 'em back today...I'ma scan the good ones and show yehz...
About the phone call...I dont think it was seems she didn't do it. She wouldn't give me a straight answer but I think what she said was enough...

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