Hello Clarice......I'M CUMMING!!!2002-06-23 09:43:48 ET

I got the weirdest fuckin call a couple minute ago... It sounded like no one was on the phone really and in the background like either some girl was mastubating/having sex or there was a porno movie......I tried to *69 them, it was classified. I take it it was either some punk being stupid, or it was demiTori yanking my chain and being funny (probably wasnt her, that ain't like her/aint her stlye/not "prankey") Whatever...
lighter note, My friend wants me to get a job with him. I wanna. My Mom detests my happiness and of course said no. My dad wants me to at least try this "camp" thing for a week, and then see what goes on from there....My, my.....

See, I used teh be a nice little flower...THAT ENDED!!!2002-06-16 09:41:02 ET

RIP billman....1997-2001

welp happy shit day to me lol2002-06-11 17:58:30 ET

Yeah, Today we witness another dust biting year towards the end

Today we recall the accursed day i was brought into this culural wasteland, I need to see more abstract art

Today is a personal holiday, where usually, one would find the utmost pleasure--not me (no, being overly ecstatic from being stoned all afternoon does not count)

Yes, I'm talking about my birthday. Today is, or was (You be the judge its 11:00) indeed my birthday. I dunno if it was announced er not. I missed it if it was...I think the golden moment of my day was pretending to drink with demiTori, I really do. I dunno if Subkultures'll let me write that...I think they were just talking about images...Oh wells I got to go to Hot Tpoic and get pants with a bee: bee for beedrill Fiver...Yayee...I'm going teh fuckin bed heheh....
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My gawd i knew it I KNEW IT!!!2002-06-04 13:24:32 ET

beedrill5er: damn compaqs
divinehatred888: i have compaq too
beedrill5er: does its crash like hell
divinehatred888: yea thats why i hate it
beedrill5er: one of my friends who has a compaq ended up with it crashing and wiping out everything
beedrill5er: he saving up fer a new computer
beedrill5er: heh
divinehatred888: hhaha lol
beedrill5er: my other friend who has a compaq this other problem when i was at his house we installed this plugin to play midis real good
beedrill5er: when we was done it said it still needed components
divinehatred888: lol
beedrill5er: i had a lower version than him and that's how i know something crappy was going on.....
divinehatred888: lol
divinehatred888: haha

who else is looking at my damn journal---part duex2002-06-03 08:38:48 ET

I just wanna say i forgot the people from Subkultures who sent private messages:

blackdays (no longer a member)

and, need i say it, junkie gal (thanx greatly)

i'ma go look and see who else...
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dance-dance-get-winded-fall-on-your-can-rip-yer-$52-jeans-and-self-indulgently-diss-yer-best-friend-2002-05-31 18:02:06 ET


Oh my gawd...<starts panting> Heheheh....

So my friend wantsa know if i could meet him at the skate park in the mall and i'm like ok yeah, damn I had to break a nice conversation with demiTori, damn i missed the girl, so i go there, psych my self up playing DDR like i always do when i see that machine, put my gear and blades on and go skate...

And like i always do i submerge myself 3 fathoms over my head and try to do what ever little trick i make up. I got rather adequate results...i'm no pro nor will i be anytime soon. My friend ,however, does nothing but skate around and look at some other guys skate good. I crashed bailed and what not a lot of times (and there's this gaping hole in my jeans now) but a lot of good came out of it (I can air the little vert ramps now Yayee!!! I'ma try BMX and break my arm again) but owing to my friend he's beating himself up about feeling intimidated and i'm like its okay its okay. I couldn't blame him though...it was his first time (but then it was my third time which is still novice scum and look at me) I hope he trys again. I know he likes it. But I still feel kinda bad about it. I wish there was something else I could have done......

Now DDR, this other guy almost wanted me to play Step Step Revoluion with him, i should have accepted, damn it. I probably woulda did well. I played the normal game with him though, and they really liked me. I even ran into a couple people from the mainstream skool I used to go to....Yayees little 2 minute reunion... that section of the mall reeks of subculture kids I wanna hang out there again....
but on a lighter note, come tuesday it'll be a week from me getting my birthday bonus...I'm-a blow it at Gamestop an' Hot Topic this year......Heheheheheh......

My plans fer tommorrow...wake up hurting

who esle is looking at my damn journal---EDITED2002-05-27 07:57:31 ET

i wanna see there aint any guys from here commenting me 'cept:

junkie gal
junkie gal
junkie gal

guys in AIM who acknoledge me:

divinehatred888 (demiTori)
kerplunkeee (junkie gal)
Princesson13 (i dunno who the hell this is)

any 1 else...?

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