2004-04-07 15:30:02 ET

my hair is still only half done.

i have a wacom tablet that i can't use. life is the biggest cock tease ever right now. spring break is two seconds away.

i need to make plans to go to SF soon, before school gets out so i can look at colleges.

gah. i'll make something worth a lick later.

2004-03-31 16:03:14 ET

*prances to new skinny puppy*

i've got roughly 10 or so more dreads to do, then the great steaming begins. i've just been back combing everything, and then i will steam them all. it seems to go faster this way, and i don't have to keep filling up my iron with water.

i'm about *this* close to just buying a steamer. cause this sucks. plus i can steam all sorts of things.. like babies.

i think a zombie lives in my attic. it rustles around at night, trying to get me to see what's going on. so it can attack me. but i'm like, quite being lazy and if you want my brains just come into my room. its been a week. i am guessing eventually he will get hungry enough to do it.

w00t. alright i should get back to the factory.

2004-03-29 12:37:55 ET

i've got lots of problems wtih everything. i won't go into that for your benefit. the weekend was rather low key. didn't do much of anything.

friday night was bad mood night offically. that's all that will be said.

saturday was better. brian and i went to the beverly connection to get him some shirts at the gap and to walk around. i needed a strawberry dipped in chocolate from godiva chocolates. the thing was super tasty. afterwards we went to toi, viva yellow curry. some brief running around took place to find jenners. had to give her money for igor. which you all need to be introduced too. later that night we deicded to go to claim jumpers for dinner. consumed way too much food.

sunday was filled with lots of nothing and more running around. sunday night was left over toi and midori sour action. stared at a playboy, which was incredibly insane. according to them, i'm insecure and a good shag in bed cause i'm "willing". watched rushmore with brian and cuddled on the couch.

i skipped class today cause i have nothing to do. i haven't shot my project and i swear to god my brain is going to explode. i just need an idea. *stares blankly*

tomarrow i am going to talk to betsey about things, she thinks she may be able to help me out with my art funk.

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