2004-03-18 14:07:22 ET

1. Who did you last get angry with? myself
2. What is your weapon of choice? stealth
3. Would you hit a member of the opposite sex? been there, done that.
4. How about of the same sex? didn't even break a nail.
5. Who was the last person who got really angry at you? you know i don't really remember. probably my parents or something to that nature.
6. What is your pet peeve? i'd say brain numbingly dumb people, rude smokers, druggies, and people who get obnoxious when drunk. i'm not completely anti-alcoholy.

1. What is one thing you're supposed to do daily that you haven't done in a long time? use my camera, and draw.
2. What is the latest you've ever woken up? i'd say about 2:30 p.m.
3. Name a person you've been meaning to contact, but haven't? nicole (via slug mail)/ my cousin ricky.
4. What is the last lame excuse you made? i told someone i was going to get an abortion, so i couldn't go out on a date with them.
5. Have you ever watched an infomercial all the way through? saturday morning breakfast is reserved for infomercial watching.
6. When was the last time you got in a good workout? it's been months.
7. How many times did you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock today? i was up before the alarm.

1. What is your overpriced yuppie beverage of choice? tropical passion tea latte. i wouldn't consider it overpriced, but its the only thing i coudl think of.
2. Meat eaters? we all need a little from time to time. *wink*
3. What is the greatest amount of alcohol you've had in one sitting/outing/event? hee, this one time i mixed some crazy strong drinks at nicole's house. ahh good times.
4. Have you ever used a professional diet company? no.
5. Do you have an issue with your weight? i could stand to get more excercise.
6. Do you prefer sweets, salty foods, or spicy foods? sweet.
7. Have you ever looked at a small house pet or child and thought lunch? no.

1. How many people have you seen naked (not counting movies/family)? 10. maybe. i dunno.
2. How many people have seen YOU naked (not counting physicians/family)? one.
3. Have you ever caught yourself staring at the chest/crotch of a member of the opposite gender during a normal conversation? yeah, but it was totally accidentally, he moved his crotch into my view cause i was zoning out of his lame story. bastard.
4. Have you "done it"? have you.
5. What is your favourite body part on a person of your gender of choice? the clavicle and shoulder area, hip bones that pertrude.
6. Have you ever been propositioned by a prostitute? no.
7. Have you ever had to get tested for an STD or pregnancy? yeah, my medical doctors like to think every stomach i have is cause of being preggers and not some other problems. STD testing is mandatory for everyone, well it should be.

1. How many credit cards do you own? zero.
2. What's your guilty pleasure store? i wouldn't say its a guilty pleasure, but lord knows i love my M.A.C. and forever 21.
3. If you had 1 million, what would you do with it? buy a house, get a better car, outfit my new house with a large studio/ darkroom, invest the rest.
4. Would you rather be rich, or famous? gimme the money.
5. Would you accept a boring job if it meant you would make megabucks? i've had boring jobs for littlebucks so sure.
6. Have you ever stolen anything? Yes.
7. How many MP3s are on your hard drive? 1,000 +.

1. What's one thing you have done that you're most proud of? nothing yet.
2. What one thing have you done that your parents are most proud of? i dunno.
3. What thing would you like to accomplish in your life? get my masters.
4. Do you get annoyed by coming in second place? not really.
5. Have you ever entered a contest of skill, knowing you were of much higher skill than all the other competitors? no.
6. Have you ever cheated on something to get a higher score? yes.
7. What did you do today that you're proud of? made it to speech.

1. What item (or person) of your friends would you most want to have for your own? i have no idea.
2. Who would you want to go on "Trading Spaces" with? probably n1cole.
3. If you could be anyone else in the world, who would you be? i'm happy with me, everyone got their own problems.
4. Have you ever been cheated on? Yes.
5. Have you ever wished you had a physical feature different from your own? i get really fed up with my natural hair.
6. What inborn trait do you see in others that you wish you had for yourself? drive.
7. Do you wish you'd come up with this survey? no.

Finally, what is your favourite deadly sin? i don't think they are anything that could be a favourite.

green its the new black... .... ... for today.
2004-03-17 14:26:54 ET

i hate st. patricks day. and i have a small sore spot for people who are super irish proud. i won't get into the great details. but we can say a boyfriend ruined everything for partly irish people who get all proud of being irish. "it means i can drink" *pounds head to desk* no it just means your an idiot and have no sense about what this "holiday" is about nor what your actual roots are. fuckers.

i really hate having green hair on a day like this.

time to make more hair.

2004-03-16 07:28:34 ET

been feeling super down lately. yesturday really instigated everything i have been feeling into one nice little angry pile.

i went to the linkin park show last night. it was pretty interesting caught the last half of pod, which was bleh. but linkin park put on a good show. and they were super humble with their fans. they would thank everyone for being there at the end of each song. it was pretty neat.

not going to two of my classes today. i feel like poop. i'm just going to sit and vegitate.

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