2004-03-08 18:25:02 ET

nada surf's hi-speed soul is the best song on the radio right now. oh and 103.1 is the best. they play chicks on speed.

2004-03-07 21:57:48 ET

SD PEEPS, is there anyone who's would kindly let brian and i stay the night over this next weekend. we are going to try and make it down to the san diego area to go to the museum of photographic arts. let me know if it might be possible.

so this weekend was a blast. friday was bunker. i dyed my hair and its lime green and blue. everyone was quite suprised to see that i have naturally curly hair. which i thought was kinda apparent. had a fabu time hanging out with the nyiama. who always makes me laugh to no end. my face is gonna be all buff from laughing so much. wore stupid shoes cause i didn't think i woud be able to dance with me being sick and all. i still have a sore throat. >:|

saturday was spent moosing about. i don't think we got anything accompished really. attempted to see the starsky and hutch but it was sold out.

sunday we went over to franck's b-day bbq. which was super great. i really had a great time and really like the bunker kids. yay. got to chat with elena and cariin. who are both super sweet. got my garden burger bbq chicken on. which was super tasty. ended up eating two. :X ended up watching simpsons and part of wayne's world, but got to tired and headed home. time to do some thinking and some sleeping.

*bow chica*
2004-03-04 18:14:23 ET

i got the cutest undies today!!!!!! *prances* boy cut panties for everyone!!

oh, and i'm about to slit my wrists over my hair. :/ stupid hair. it needs to just be cool now. and enough with this squiggly fuzzy stuff.

i got my eyebrows waxed. they be super fine.

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