2004-03-04 06:00:30 ET

I took my dreads out and I am fully regretting this act. I've got to finish brushing out the braids. I will be able to wash my hair completely for the first time in roughly nine months. yay for shampoo. The first chance i get dreads are going back in.

2004-03-02 18:09:10 ET

happy birthday to inthia! i'm doing this early cause tomarrow i'll be insnae all day. i love you. i promis we'll hang out soon. xoxoxoxo
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2004-03-01 12:00:37 ET

hee. my car is kinda fixed. only because i went super hulk on it Friday. let's start.

Friday, the day starts out with class being canceled. fuck. i could have gone out the previous night. >:| so i sit there talking to some friends and decided its time to go. i offer ceciela a ride to her car. she was parked on cardiac hill. (180+ steep steps leading to your cardiac arrest) i get a bit up the hill when my car starts puttering. i play it cool and pull over. congratulations i just ran out of gas. and who would have thought this was going to happen with both my gas gauge and my mileage counter being broken.. ceci said she'd take me to the gas station. i leave carina with the car. filing up my container was amusing to say the least. went back to the car, got it filled up and headed to the gas station to get me some more gas. came home and relaxed. i was bummed cause i had just gotten stuff processed. i really wanted to print in lab. did all of my laundry and watched matchstick men with carina. great film btw.

i was getting my stuff together for my trek to Brian's house. I go down to my car to get some school stuff i need to read. So i unlock my car door and try to open my door. It won't open. I begin to get angry. Cause the door sticks and it's really obnoxious. I keep trying to get my door open and then snap, the door handle pulls really far out. Yay. Guess what? I broke my god damn door handle to the driver's side. Great. I trample through the mini forest that i decided to park super close to and eventually get to my passenger door. Thankfully this side opens will relative ease. I grab my camera and things and head back to the house.

The night was sprinkled with all sorts of odd happenings. While watching “Law and Order: SVU” i received the first of many phone calls. Which turned out to be the wrong number. But the girl called again. And then again. She explained that the number she was dialling was a 612- something something something, and that she was attempting to reach delaware. Oddly enough the phone kept connecting to my house. After another few conversations she realizes that she kinda knows me from live journal and that she is a friend of kate's from illinois . Odd. The world is getting smaller by the second.

Saturday i got sick. Which hasn't been fun. I've had a sore throat and a perpetual head ache. Sisss. Which is totally not cool. So spent the day writhing about. We ended up renting a movie and not watching it.

Sunday. The day i got some medicine, had some breakfast, and decided to start to watch the film. Brian's friend dropped by from out of town so i didn't get to finish the movie. We ended up going to lunch and to see 50 first dates which was cute and funny. Yay. Ended up at revjohn's birthday party and was out of it for the first hour of so. Went over and talked to adrian, heather, caren, micheal, alex, and eric. Good times were had.

i come home to find my door handle fixed, a radio in my car, and the glove compartment latch fixed. which was awesome. now i just need the gas gauge to work.

However, today has not been good. Stupid stomach. It doesn't want to keep anything inside it. >:|

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