*sexy, sexy, sexy,. turn.*
2004-02-20 14:06:40 ET

today is a day that calls for hot cocoa and "my so called life".

ok in my highschool:

i was angela.

jorge was ricki.

cindy was reanne.

and my jordan was ken.

my so called highschool experience brought to you by the need for a boca burger.

2004-02-18 17:32:06 ET

i was super productive. went to the dentist. i've got four more appointments set up cause of this visit. :/ boo. at least the gay fillings from before will be pretty and white. your grandmothers china is going in my mouth.

so i also had school. yay! advanced black and white looks promising. and on top of it i dediced to take another class. so i am now taking 15 units. cause i'm crazy. wooooo. so yeah. but it'll rock. i'm excited.

i installed my bathroom cabinet into my wall. \m/ fear me. got all of my school stuff up to school. i now have a corner locker. booya. i've been super productive with my room.

and i'm making knitting needles. cause i fucking rock.

now to get with the needles so i can knit my cell phone a cozy.


2004-02-17 06:18:50 ET

so after a nice night. i was promptly awoken this morning at about 7:30. "i need a ride to school", she said. "wake me up when we need to go" i said while promptly rolling over. i forgot to put the curtain back up, so i was greeted with a burst of sun death rays to the eyes. i roll over and instantly fall back asleep. within the course of my short 12 minute slumber, had a dream i fell in love with matt flemming, reconnected with an old friend, learn to fly, and gave mis monster a ride to court. so i ask you head, WTF. because these dreams the past week have been super fucked up.


i'm now awake and i can't go back to sleep. carina is watching a movie. i stil need to pee. well i suppose urination is in order. peace out.


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