2004-02-27 06:02:02 ET

i declare today to be great day of the oatmeal!

flowers for two.
2004-02-25 07:01:51 ET

i've been watching the news. and watching people come out of city hall in san fransisco instantly makes me well up with tears. i can't believe that this is such a big deal.

of course president bush is all over the news making his sound bites heard. this is what he has the time for. shouldn't he be focusing on the larger things at hand. last time i check people were pretty pissed about half the stuff he has or hasn't done. his approval numbers aren't all that great.

one thing that made me happy was nader's clear standing point on the issue. he said in his speech on monday that he supports gay marriage. my dad's upset that i want to vote for nader this election. he tells me i'm wasting my vote and essentially voting for bush. you know i wouldn't have voted in this election cause its a bunch of crap. the democrats are just as evil. and my dad keeps spewing democrat propoganda at me. about how gore would have won, blah blah blah. and how we wouldn't have gone to war. you know what. super shady business was going on in florida and i don't think there would have been anything we could have done about it. he had the fucking supreme court backing him up. everyone in big parties has corprate interest being blown up their ass. and quite frankly that's not something i support. i don't want to settle for the lesser of two evils. so heres to wasting my vote in 2004. go nader.


dance around me.
2004-02-24 15:45:52 ET

this weekend was spent mostly inside. due to rain. and lots of it. ended up just sitting around and occassionaly enduring the weather to go out to home depot and the art store. which i shouldn't be allowed into. damn place. sunday went out with dana, kim, and sam to have sushi. wooo for california rolls. which i had one of and could barely keep the half a roll of unagi in my body. my tummy is like the size of a quater. a magical quarter.

school will be keeping me absurdly busy. which is good, cause i defintely need some discipline. i could waste an entire day just sitting and staring. which scares me, considering i lack the motivation to get up. i'm gonna need to get myself into some form of shape that will allow me the ability to do things.

my cars is a mess. if it isn't one mess it's another. i can't bare to go into my room and finish it. i have a dresser but it's empty. cause i don't feel like cleaning at all.

i really need photo supplies. i need money donated to me. why is it i always fall in love with the expensive processes? hrm. give me money for film.

soon. my baby will be a year old. <3 beryllium & igor. p.s. i have a new ferret. berylliums sister. a trouble maker just like himself. she's pretty and white and has red glowing eyes. viva!

i've been listening to fischspooner at an absurdly freguent amount. i will never ever get sick of this albumn. i fall in love with each of the songs for a day and then move on to the next one. they need to hurry up with their second cd.

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