what you really need is some advice.
2004-02-11 08:21:11 ET

my advice to the world.

let's be honest with ourselves. its a good place to start.

take one day at a time.

at some point you'll have to compromise.

get use to rejection, it's gonna happen a whole lot. now, don't take this and start freaking out about yourself. (although your ass is getting kinda big. .... i kid.) everyone gets rejected. the skinny weird ass super models.. they get it too. note: let's say i've been interested in 25 guys. i've dated 5. 3 of those, i have had a relationship with. do you see the numbers? they aren't that great. and currently only one has lasted a full year. and as time goes on, those numbers will get worse. so chances aren't that great. which brings me to my next point.

things don't last forever. everything at some point reaches its end. so enjoy this while you can. or be happy in the fact at some point this will be over.

know your standards. you know how far up you can go. now, it doesn't hurt to always try for the best, but fucking a- i don't want to hear about you not getting it, cause we already know your numbers. but, suprises do happen.

and we can tell if you've worn that outfit twice. we know.

if you've got some advice toss it into the comments i'll edit it in.

learn to laugh at yourself. because if you can't laugh at yourself, who CAN you laugh at?

don't spend valuable time feeling sorry for yourself.

keep your word, people will respect you for you, not what you look like.

*champagne pops*
2004-02-10 21:45:30 ET

so i've been relatively sick the past few days.

friday and saturday were spent panseying around.

sunday we went to moca. i got sad cause i haven't touched my camera. but the exhibits were great. lots of diane arbus and others that make me squeel.

we went to go eat at toi later that night. everyone must experience the best yellow curry ever. anyhow. i gained a fever in the middle of it. and we had to go home.

i spent the next two days dazed on brian's couch. today i came home, which made me sad. but my parents get weird when i don't exist here for longer than three days.

i'm watching fischerspooner videos that honestly make me salivate and i'm wanting to travel back to october.

i've gone sour. time for bed.


*three five four*
2004-02-07 01:31:20 ET

the show was cancelled due to illness. so then we were gonna go to bunker. but after getting to brian's having a horrible parking experience i was so pissed, i didn't want to do anything. so instead he ate dinner then we went and cuddled for a bit. so at eleven i'm like let's go to bed early tonight for a nice start on tomarrow. i can't remember ever getting up pre-ten o'clock here. cut to me not falling asleep till post mid-night and then waking up at two. so i've gotten no sleep.

i decided some SK and LJ checking was in store. which i was hoping would make me tired. but it hasn't and now i'm hungry. brian's sleeping in an uncuddle-able position too. so i can't get close to him to absorb his body heat. its like laying on an unorganized pile of logs, or at least trying to cuddle up to it. :/

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