2004-01-30 14:40:18 ET


this is fucking fantastic. god damn. the cg in home made films is better than the hollywood stuff.

2004-01-30 09:35:21 ET

welcome the orgial girl of cool from boston!

4R1 !!!

ari makes me want to shoot lazer beams out my eyes.

she makes cool jewelry and will one day be my super fabulous model of doom.

2004-01-29 15:39:09 ET

alright. worst pms ever is over! *throws a parade*

so know i'm not angry. you know i wouldn't mind periods minus the mood swings, irritablity, and cramping. i don't mind the bleeding. if i had to get rid of one i'd vote mood swings. cause that is the suck.

today i looked at three trash bags full of clothing i need to sell. i'm kinda thinking of renting out a spot at the melrose trading post flea market or at glendale. i want to get rid of my stuff quick. but its worth money. so i can't just take it down to the thrift store. *prances*

i dyed a whole slew of stuff. so know its black. two new pairs of black pants, a dress, and a sleeveless hoodie. i'm excited i'm gonna wear my new black pants tonight. gonna looking damn good tonight it i do say so myself.

tonight for dinner i'm making sushi. and everyone is gonna like it. HA !! so i should get started with the sushi rice and the like.

i hated you on monday, but i'm warming up again.

p.s. i want my own internet.

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