*three plus four*
2004-02-06 08:20:09 ET

last night, i had the swell company of ms. inthia and of ms. marie. we went out to dinner at fred's. which was a nice experience till our waitress got all uppity about us leaving. which was really disappointing considering that i frequent fred's and didn't take their service staff to be like that. oh well. one bad apple will not ruin the whole bunch.

my room is at the point where with anything that i attempt to do it just becomes more of a mess. and it just seems like now nothing is getting done. i did however pick out the paint colours for my wall. i'm really excited about it. i will be doing all acsessories to my room in black with green accents. it is going to be a super highclass joint once i get done.

tonight i am going to go see linkin park in concert. which i'm kinda excited about. i'm not familar with most of their stuff and only can recall knowing two of their songs. i'm not one to pass up a show, however. ( a certain amazingly fun night at david cassidy, comes to mind.)

i've a bit of cleaning to do, some ferrets to bother, and some stuff to pack.

2004-02-03 07:34:03 ET

apparently i've gone quite nuts about the cleaning. cleaned under the sink. which is something i never do.

cleaning = spiders gettng unrooted. = bad.

i was cleaning and thought i would take a quick nap. so i curled into my bed and started dosing off. i looked at my shadow and saw something move. it's probably just my hair, so i flipped it behind me. then the lump moved again. then i saw a huge leg peek up. i jump up and scream. and grab a jar. i went back over to my bed moved the covers and a decent sized spider was there. he was aiming for my face. i could tell he wanted to bite the shit out of my face. so i tricked him into the jar, put the lid on and sat the jar in the middle of the room where i can keep a good eye on it.

so far no more spiders have decided to peek out. which is good. cause they'll get thrown in the same jar. then it will be spider wars. hungriest wins.

i just threw out all of my old clipping of nine inch nails, prodigy, and bush. *snickers*

i did find my year books and giggle quite a bit.



2004-02-02 09:13:52 ET

i had a nice weekend. it was spent with brian and six ferrets. and some other folks too. had alot of running around to do. saturday night went over to jez and fray's cause it was the melissa's birthday. had a nice time till my allergies kicked in. which was bad. so i got all sneezy. ended up just getting to dungeon in time for the pass. had a fun time dancing and the like. danced quite a bit and my back hates me for it.

i woke up this morning to find no one here and the front door wide open. which was weird.

i think its time for breakfast and some ferret action.

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