2003-05-07 12:16:15 ET

well. what to say. today photo class was fun. better than normal. we pranced around making prints. i left mine there accidently. :/ the bus ride home was ok.

pokemon will consume my life.

and on top of it.

i still have two chapters to study for the anthropology test on friday.

we'll see how this all goes.

tomarrow i put in my two weeks at my job. viva.

2003-05-05 12:50:20 ET

oh gawd. what a day.

well i got one piece into the art show, and i wanna demand for it back. you know. i submit a SERIES of 18 images and they take one. one fucking image. i'd rather not have any. they all work together for a reason. i'd honestly rather have somone elses stuff in there than mine.

people keep telling me that i should be happy with one. and i say to them, "you don't understand." its all bullshit. they get every artist up at school to be excited about this one little shin dig where they cram 60+ piece into the space that is the size of my bathroom. and its rediculous. i'm just happy that at the end of this semester i can say fuck you to GCC move onto another crappy school and then to something maybe worth while. this whole community college thing has me burned out.

my project of doom went over well. so that was good. considering well over $100 was spent on it.

now, time to stuff my face and not think about stupid school.

2003-05-05 05:54:51 ET

as for my weekend. it was an explosion of uber productiveness. friday brian came and picked me up. WAIT! previously friday nicole and i worked together, and for the most part work was icky. but i remember laughing alot with nicole. the brief car ride home was as always highly amusing and fun. so it made me forget about the crappy workness. tricky..

so brian came and picked me up... fast forward.. saturday. we finally got up. got ready, and then headed out for our productive day. we start driving its kinda hot i roll down my window.

*flap flap flap flap*
"moosey head (insert glare from brian), your tire is making a noise."
(stops at red light, *brian goes bursting out the drivers door.*)
insert we have a flat tire dance.
fill tire up at gas station, then we continued to drive.
*cling clink clink clink clink*
"mooseyhead (usual glare from brian) your tire is making a noise.
(brian pulled down some creepy street.)
he gets out starts poking around. then insists i get out of the car to come look at "something", mystical i know.
i jump out, roll on the ground, then proceed to the rear tire. i'm looking at a tire, then brian points out the huge piece of metal stick out of his tire.

long story short, brian changed the tire out and we were back on our way to sharkey's, mexican tasty grill. 2 hours later!!

(insert stomach wrecking havoc and digesting itself and other vital organs)

food food food. *dances*

we go and get the tire patched. dood odododod.

then to home depot, for the art project of doom! i leave with a bunch of junk and -$55. :/ stupid depot.

then to the TJ's for food. we were making pasta, and fake chicken. (bau hahahha. fake meat) brian finished the rat cage. (doo do dooo)

we watched some south park, giggled and slept.

sunday: consisted of finishing art project of doom. and hair. brian has perfectly white hair. *glares* and my hair is neon yellow/green. pictures will never ever do this colour justice. *sigh*

*runs to school*

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