HOT !! XXX!! STEAMY! seamonkey on seamonkey action!!
2003-05-01 12:37:51 ET

weeee. i'm kinda sick. i've used two rolls of toliet paper in attempting to stop the maddness.

and i thought i would be walking over to sit down and type out a nice journal entry. i look over and to my horror i see the sea monkeys going at it, AGAIN!!!

my look of shock & horror.

um.. yeah.

i should start a site.

i had a psych test. which under the given circumstances i can say i did ok with. i need a saw and some boiling water.

anyhow. i'll be off.

btw, i love the 80's on vh1 = awesome. micheal ian black = god.

mi xy ru bz
2003-04-29 20:17:47 ET

i've got that sexy artist look going on, wearing a smock and covered in paint. its all over my face and hands.

soo hawt.

on the plus side i have 24 frames painted black.

oh, and i love ikea.

2003-04-29 15:35:05 ET

my sea monkeys are having sex. i think i should cover the little tank with a napkin or something.

they keep swimming by the magnifier and its kinda gross.

like that.

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