2003-04-28 15:56:21 ET

after what was a frustrating day. i am fully prepared to see if my skull can stop a bullet.

i don't know how i will bne getting through the next two weeks.

i painted my nails, and i want to dye my hair.

ugh. my stomach is hurting. i hate being stressed.

update: 8:25 pm

this night is only getting worse. one of those days where not living in this social situation would be a little easier on the load i've already been handed.

maybe when i've gotten myself a few free seconds i'll redo some of the dreds. or i may go lazy, grab some tea, curl into a little ball, and pray space ship crashes into my room.

2003-04-26 07:06:30 ET

this is soo depressing. *sits* ok. but you just have to do certain things.

so as you all can tell i'm not in las vegas smoozing. which is ok. my plans will consist of cleaning. hopefully i will be able to attack the photo lab and poop out some more polaroid stuff. i'm excited. my polaroid stuff looks amazing. i think its cause i've put such a strain on learning how to do it. i will defintely get some stuff up once i eat my scanner.



being home= bad. art= good.

:end transmission:

2003-04-23 16:57:11 ET

i can't get enough of "hot hot heat". i've been listening them all day. i got the new radiohead cd today from a friend. unmastered tracks but i don't care. the albumn is sooo good. another good thing is cevin cey's "ghost of every room". i have a bunch of good music. *prances*

oh and space's "female of species" is great. i wanna cover it.

gimme your music fix.

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