2003-04-14 00:58:37 ET

i'm not looking forward to this week.

i spent a nice day with brian. last night after work he came and picked me up. we proceeded back to his place for some dinner and a movie. soba noodles + ginger and the royal tennanbaums. <3 a girl can't ask for anything better really. had some tofuti cuties + brownie bits for dessert. (heh. brian and tofu.)

today was mostly spent sleeping. got up around 4:30. showered, dressed, tofutied, and then off to eat dinner and see a film.

house of 1000 corpses. totally rocked. mindyou. go in thinking this film is a B-FILM. or else you will be very disappointed. you gotta imagine its gonna be the worse of the worse. and it'll be all good. essentially rob zombie took texas chain saw massacre and put his rock n roll vibe to it. defintely quite entertaining. btw, rob zombie + lionel ritchie + the song brick house = fuckin amazing.

i've been somewhat of a cinemaphile lately. andhow.

public service anouncement: best boy ever = brian.

og special
2003-04-12 06:45:09 ET

so word t the wise, don't go see anger management. i think i will write an angry letter to jack. if you watch the trailer that should be sufficent to get all of the semi-funny parts. cause once you put all of that stuff in context it sucks. i haven't been soo disappointed with a film since something about mary. my face the entire time :| inthia and marie got their money back. i just sat back and closed my eyes attempting to get some rest. it was nice to get out of the house and chill with the og gangster crew.

i've got work today. woo. i get my paycheck. viva. i brought my enlarger home from school. which propagates me to clean my room. i don't think i used that word correctly but whatever.


why, yes. i'd love some breakfast.

2003-04-11 09:15:41 ET

i'm eating a spoon full of peanut butter.

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