pink i s thing
2003-04-23 14:44:54 ET

i printed some 16 x 20 images. which looks amazing. *drools* i really want some 16 x 20 paper. i need to scan the stuff in. very badly. cause i know you "people" would like them.

i also got my slides back. *prances* i can't wait print. i need to print.

i had a nice weekend. went to the getty. please, if you are in southern CA go to the getty. the bill viola show is amazing. i wish i could only have that much talent. one day. brian and had a really nice day. its just really nice to have someone who makes me wanna burst. and not in that "i don't feel to well" way.

i have new hair. which is pink and explodey.

which can be viewed here.

joe, inthia, and i hung out. watched "the ring", which was really good. i'm happy it ended the way it did. cause for a second i thought it was gonna be way too fairy tale ish. but inthia was correct sooo like "this is what i learned in art school. tammy did the make up." sandwiches and much laughter exhumed.


so full of love and candy.

taking a bus
2003-04-18 16:47:37 ET

my room is looking pretty good. cheers to myself.

went to the perversion last night. had a pretty nice time. danced a little in the back room to some silly mixing. (i.e. snog + depeche mode) danced in the front room to the typical. i was very happy to see hyatt, christy, smash, nicole squared, natasha and the rest. totally missing my girls. espeically my super nuts dance floor partners. i do not like the abundent amount of stinky people who have NO dance floor etiquette. not cool. on the plus side i had a good time.

wednesday night spent the night with the nicole squared and they did my hair. kudos for super cool rad girls for braiding in my dreds. we pranced around holly getting estimates for some colour work for n1cole. we ate at toi and had a poop load of tasty thai food. fell asleep in the midst of watching priscilla.

i've had a nice couple of days. and now it the weekend!!

2003-04-15 20:58:27 ET

WOOOOOOOOO. i have a positive balance. *prances*

waiting for the boy to get back so we can kill aliens.

mostly so that i can watch his 1337 sk1lls and take them from him.
i worked today. which was interesting. it was slow, very slow, and then got uber busy, and then slow again. slow, slow, quick, quick, slow.

i've got some play money @ the snot rocket that i don't knwo what to use it on. but i know the instant i buy something, we'll get something in that is cooler.

my eyes hurt. but morrissey makes it all better. oh, and i've been on this kick to listen to my old music from middle school. <3 bush.

gAvIn Is SoOoOo HaWt.

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