2005-04-03 12:07:18 ET

I am thinking about starting a zine...(again)
Tired of Tragically Hip- zine for a generation of living paradox
theme will be satirical/serious social and political commentary
if you have any thing from a scene of the scene to rant about send it my way and I will happily print it

(also if anyone still wants to submit to cannibalistic commie I would lovbe you to death and owe you so fucking much..thanks)

2005-03-24 07:40:55 ET

"That's why I feel that the responsible thing to do is to withdraw the troops. That's not abandoning the Iraqi people. I'm not saying we shouldn't give them anything. I'm saying we should give them what they need--aid and assistance--but not in a military form. Many people feel that the Iraqi people would go crazy without us, and not be able to function. But Iraq is the cradle of civilization. They're educated people just like us, and they're capable if given the opportunity and the resources."
this is a direct quote from U.S. veteran of this Iraqi war, Kelly Dougherty.
he said this at the protest that took place on March 19th 2005 at Fayetteville, N.C.--home of Fort Bragg, one of the U.S. Army's biggest bases

2005-03-23 09:25:30 ET

I've been working hard to ignore people and not make new friends. This is slightly hard especially since I like people (for the most part) and I am mostly outgoing. Alot more reading is in order, less talking.

Goals for next three months-
(or my anti-social manifesto)
Go on no dates
Meet no one new
Talk less
perhaps lose some "friends"
grow out my hair
be a better vegan
become Harold from Harold and Maude
fix my head
photograph more
read more
buy little to nothing
cancel vitamin regimen
spend less time miscomunicating on the internet

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