2005-02-15 20:50:40 ET

s/he who decided that we should be terrified of optimism has obviously been in love and hurt many many times.
I have just fallen out of the closest thing I have ever come to a relationship. As it all came to a halt I sat pathetically crying and he just looked at me...sympatheticly...mutual sort of..
hopfully this will be the end of any sort of overly emotional postings

2005-02-03 18:22:29 ET

sooo.....I cut off all ofmy hair... yea, it's short.. for two and a half weeks I had a mohawk/style hawk but I really really didn't dig it. Everyone pretty much loved it except for me. Also I am really sick. I just started classes at sfsu and I am loving it. I suppose I will post pictures sometime..

2005-01-16 13:22:46 ET

why, why are people so hostile towards vegans?
any reasonable explanation is greatly appreciated...
it has begun to boggle my mind...

(I mean vegans who are just vegan, not the overly pretentious fuckass ones.)

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