2004-12-17 11:08:55 ET

I am ready for the holiday killing to commence!

Yea, thats right
2004-12-14 16:21:15 ET

I'm fucking posting this on the internet(godihatethisinternetthing) after much consideration. I am writing this to write this. that is all.
I have gone through some weird relationshippy things that don't even really enter that category.
One was too mushy and moved away. To minnesota. It sucked. And I got bored... so that makes me lame.
One was too fucking young, and I hurt him. It sucked. That also makes me lame.
The last guy was a dream that some how turned into reality.in a man-that-guy-is-way-too-hot-to-talk-to-me-way. But reality told me that he's too old for me and we want different things and that I don't know what I want. Plus he's moving to Europe. woot.
so here are some things I know that I do want
Over 20
Under 26
Not a fucking virgin
Has it together
Can teach me things and learn at the same time
Will argue with me
Makes me laugh
I make that person laugh
Can laugh at me
Has a major fault
Will accept mine
Doesn't care about money
Emotionally strong enough so I won't break them
Has a mean streak, but is actually a really nice person
Isn't going to leave me in the dust, broken
Wants something but not sure what

Sorry I was ranting, excuse it all.
i'm sorry also that I posted something so typically girly that I want to throw up

2004-12-08 18:36:37 ET

find the imperfections! I have!


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