2004-02-12 21:12:57 ET

this was just so good
I luv meggo

Emeraldvixen01 (11:11:00 PM): so...tynas "im an annoying wench" level went up a few notches tonight

oh no importance to anyone...just me
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ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine-cannibalistic commie
2004-02-11 17:20:25 ET

I am doing a zine and if anyone wants to contribute contact me
(soon I will have an e-mail correlating to it)
edit again-

I want- art, poetry, informational pieces, political pieces(keep in mind that I am probably going to be biased towards some I disagree with, or will print them with a editorial), quotes, research, anything

It's mainly commie/dissent based, so try to keep that in mind

edit!!!!- music too

buhh bye
2004-02-10 17:06:44 ET

They just went on a very long vacation with all their stuff, and a forwarding address..
they will be back

coreffanie- I miss you guys, so much. I will be here, or maybe I will come out there in my kidnapping time and get tony then come live there for a while. He needs kidnappagge alot. I need you two alot.
someday we will all be happy on a tiny island we call our home. There we will stay and bring people and times we cherish.
good bye
-Boba Fett


I need to do laundry. The bruises on my shoulders caught up with me and now I am sore. Someone needs to and has full permission to shoot me. Not specific, so if you feel the need, you have permission.

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