ranty mcpantsface?
2004-02-05 20:31:44 ET

I was working today and this woman comes into the store talking to her daughter-
"well, what do you expect honey. He's a man, they are a little slower than we are."

she then makes her sweet ass little way over to the cats and starts baby talking "meeble-wimble-woopy-poopy-boo-boo-mah-aww-wood-dee-woo. I AM A FUCKING MORON. BLAH. BLAH. BLAH. BLAH. BLAH."

I am so sick of self righteous fucking women and their counter active behavior. How the fuck is sexism towards men supposed to help them respect us? huh? someone wanna fucking fill me in?

I am frustrated with real life. the bank closes before I get off work and my paycheck is waaaay less than I can afford having lost 20 hours from missing work. I owe everyone and there mother (literally) money. The car accident cleaned me out-
paying someone to take my broke ass car away-150
my sister-70
my mother-40

actual paycheck-397+(being underpayed by last job)22

fuck....so I am searching for a car again
woo hoo

2004-02-02 20:30:43 ET

this may come as a shock....

but I am now straight edge
thats right I am claiming it.
and fuck you.

I promise to be an understanding edge kid, most of the time
and I promise not to fuck with you when drunk(much more than I did before)
and it's for the best.


2004-01-25 22:52:39 ET

so blonde......


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