2004-01-20 07:10:01 ET

I have brutally murdered my haircut

pictures will ensue

make not of the fact that I should not be left alone in a house of the following
-piercing materials
-safety pins
-or anything else that can help me cut my hair or give me anything that involves pretty scars or marks

I swear that I am not self abusive, I just like self inflicted art too much.

the end

go shorty, it's yo birthday
2004-01-18 21:05:18 ET

I is a high school graduate...



so close to freedom
2004-01-12 17:42:48 ET

yet so far from victory

you know that time that guy you feel in love with three years ago cam back from tennessee where he had previously moved with his girlfriend of three months to visit you and then he started talking about how much he missed it here and how didn't want to see you mess up your life any and you thought that you were over him but then he kisses and tells you how much he misses you and how he and his girlfriend fight alot and that he wants to come back and how much you realize you miss him?

not that I am bitter


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