2004-01-04 00:22:16 ET

I appologize in advance for my rant-

"Humans assume they are more important than non-human animals and use that as justification for inflicting appalling suffering on them."
-Michelle Thew

I am reasearching vivisection for a government project when I stumble upon this quote. It is rather interesting how we think that. Now as a current vegetarian and previous owner of animals and member of 4-H I can say that chickens(as well as so many other animals) are dumb as all fuck and deserve to die. Or do they? How does the intellegence of something or someone justify an untimely death? Do we kill dumb people? No, as much as I wish we did, we don't. I would even eat them if we did, I find it less wrong than killing animals. Humans, especialy the dumb-fucks, lack a certain innocence that animals retain. These animals are almost incapable of losing this so called innocence as well, after the murder performed by the dogs in S.F. I remember hearing a woman say "Oh those poor helpless dogs, they don't know what they were doing." Do we hold the same standard for those people who kill, maim, and rape? No we don't and we never will. But I think we should. I do realize that what I just said negated what I previously stated. But think about it, if animals are stupid and people are stupid then why not kill them all?
I am all up for that.
It's a sweet kind of genocide-
Death to Idiocy and Morons
I think I just lost my soul.

2004-01-03 13:34:24 ET

sore that is comfort
spend my night in these, alone
work me, play me, away
so much for my break

2003-12-25 18:37:21 ET

well...Ima out for a week or three
as addicting as this all is I need to take a break


also nate and dylan need to contact me if they expect to see me on New Year's Day at all.

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