dangerous cooking
2008-09-20 09:07:53 ET

today. I stabbed myself with a fork. in the hand. while washing it.
good work, dumb ass.

actin' a fool
2008-09-19 15:57:07 ET

finally I have dragged my sorry ass out of bed. I am sore as fuck. It's all because I have the worst sense of direction and made a right turn too sharp. My left should is sore as shit. My knees are scaped and bruised and my jaw aches.. for some reason. Sorta Like I was hit in the face. I hit the back of my head so I am gussing it's sore from impact? Lying there in the street It took me a minute to get up. Hopped right back on my bike and bike home. Sat at the computer for a minute. Went to bed. Thinking I only had sore knees. Oh no. I wake up hurting something awful. Damn adrenline.
At any rate- I feel fine about this. I am slighty frustrtated that I am in so much pain. But I still feel as though I can recoup and that nothing is horribly wrong.
I sorta don't care about stuff like that so much anymore.
I think it's all these herbs I am drinking. They make me slightly indifferent to trauma. cool.

scraped knees
2008-09-19 00:25:05 ET

I just had an internet date that ended awkwardly. We also talked about my blog. I wonder if he'll read this.
On the was home I turned too sharply to avoid a hole and crashed. I scraped my knees and elbo.
I think I was 12 today.
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