crisis averted
2008-10-03 11:11:49 ET

my step father is a very sane person, even if he can be a curmudgeon sometimes.
he is a lovely person.
and he's great.

on an unrelated note
it's raining in portland now!
the test begins.

fuck capitalism
2008-09-29 14:01:02 ET

I mean seriously.
Today I was in San Francisco getting ready to drive back to Poertland with two of my most favorite people. I put quarters in the meter and checked the time. I came out to my car 5 minutes after my time was up. Maybe ten.

I had a mother fucking boot
I dished out 915$ to get the boot off. Fucking assholes. I feel robbed.
I was already pissed about the economy, the war, the sub-prime mortgages shit (my aunt and cousin were homeless for bit cause of that shit).

now this?
All of my money for the month I spend on the fucking shit.
fuck capitalism. seriously.
this shit sucks.

ps- anyone want to jizz out some personnel responsibility bullshit they can go fuck themselves and save it for someone who cares what your right wing ass thinks.

2008-09-24 23:50:23 ET

everyone who lives in portland is

a- an anarchist
b- vegan

they have to pick one or both.
or have been one.
it's crazy.

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