Accidents and Mistakes
2008-09-17 10:54:11 ET

It would be great if someone said to someone else "It's such a mistake for us to be together" if they really meant accident.
what's the difference, really?
accident, mistake it's all the same, yes?
in the end isn't everything really a mistake.
You never really plan on things. They just happen.
If you do plan them, they never go well.
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space cadet reporting for duty.
2008-09-14 20:47:39 ET

i've been checked out. i gotta check back in. or i will float away....

Elections 2008
2008-09-04 09:27:38 ET

There is something I have noticed about this election. Sure fucking everybody has noticed it too. People of America seem to be fucking thrilled with the idea of Obama as president. Sure polls are close now and McCain has pulled trump card by picking that "MAVERICK" Alaskan woman who is hella young (40 something?). Still it seems evident that every time McCain opens his mouth he says something fucking nutso. That man is crazy as shit I don't care what anybody says. I digress. Obama, being (duh) black, seems to be the candidate most likely to win.
Why am I so amazed by this?

3 years ago I did everything I could to help save a man on death row from being murdered. The state of California executed him regardless of the fact that there was no physical evidence for his crime, no witness' and 7,000 people were standing outside of San Quentin at the time of his execution. I was crushed. I almost started to believe that there was no way in hell America would change it's ways when it came to racism. When Obama was in the running early on I thought "Yea fucking right. people are too racist." He started to rise in the ranks of the Democratic party and I still didn't think it was possible. Now it pretty much looks like he will be president. Thanks to all those people fucking sick of the republicans. Thanks to McCain so willfull to make himself look like a monster. I am proud as hell that we will probably have a black president. I hope everyone else is too. Looks like Obama is even intelligent as well. Thats what scares me about him. Us Americans have been dealing with fools for a while now. Those fools did everything in their power to strip us of our civil liberties. Many of those laws passed right after 9/11 are still in effect. It seems reasonable to say that even if Obama wins the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will go on.

I'm just saying. We're going to have to hold him to his word you guys. He may be black but racism is far from gone. Just look up the Jena 6 and what took place in Jena, Louisiana. That was less than two years ago. Schools are still segregated. Nowadays Latino's are being lynched and herded around like cattle. An ICE raid even took place on a street I worked on, not a block from my work where there are most def undocumented workers. Folks are out there like the Minutemen who say we the people need to take up arms against these aliens. Some fucking 3 million families or some shit (and counting) have lost their homes in this mortgage bullshit. Unreasonable percentages of them were minorities I am sure. My Aunt was one of those several million.

Should I go on? Teenage pregnancy at an all time high due to Bush's awesome abstinence only No Child Left Behind project to miseducate (or try not educate at all) programs. I have lost track of the people I know from high school who have gotten married and have children or vice versa. I'm 22 people. Not 30. Not even 25.

Sure, sure. it's fine if people want to have children young. I am even really happy for a lot of these people. It just freaks me out. I'm an adult and shit but I have a really fucking hard time taking care of myself. I have hard time believing that most other people have an easy time. I used to think it was just me. I'd think "Fuck, I am so lame. I can't do shit. I suck." I still do, even though I think it less now.

Learning that I have a so-called learning disability helped me think I am not so fucked up. After putting even more thought into it I realized much of my stress comes from money issues. If I don't have enough money to pay bills and eat I literally freak out.
Makes living in these crazy times just ever so harder to manage.

Again, I have a hard time believing that many of my peers do not have many of the problems I have. We are the generation debt. The first generation of Americans who have lower living standards than our parents. We get paid less and work more. Our generation grew up thinking sexism, racism etc. was largely fixed by our parents. We came of age and got shocked. None of it is gone. Conditions of racism are comparable to other periods of human history. Say the 50's. Read about the zuit suit riots or the fight against the bracero program. Bracero programs were a lot like those nice sounding "guest worker" programs the media keeps talking about. It's more like legalized slavery. Except you pay. They just make money.

At least we were never blind to homophobia. I mean anyone remember Matthew Shepard? Yea, of coarse you do. Is that going away now that same sex marriage is legal in Cali? I would hope so, but my gut tells me it won't. I still hear people, in all hostility, say faggot. I guess it's good we're so painfully aware of that. I guess. Still seems like it will be a long fight before the right wing lets go of the idea that we "homos" can be fixed. Good lord. I hope if there is a hell it looks like those comics about hairy guys in leather with the big dicks blowing each other and anyone who ever thought being attracted to the same sex could be "fixed" goes there. There is no hell so I hope they just end up here somehow.

This turned out far longer than I meant it to be. The point is. Things suck. Barak Obama says he will make them better. I don't really believe him. I think we have to make it better. I think we have to hold him to what we hear him saying now. Be inspired people. Black slaves blood made the money to build this nation. Now a black man will likely be elected. This is truly awesome. Just beware a smiling politician from any capitalist party.

this is cynical but too hilarious

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