portland is smokey
2008-08-17 22:17:52 ET

Everyone here seems to spend a lot of time in smokey ass bars. I'm done with that. at least for this week. This made me feel icky and then I started thinking about why SF is better and how much i love my friends there. I have been here a week on vacation and I miss sf already? Shit. thats probably a bad sign. It could get a lot better once I move up here and get settled in. I need to develop my own social circle. My friends are cool and their friends are cool I guess but I need to make my own friends. Outside of those said social circles to avoid boredom.
the same question echoes in the back of my head
is this the right thing?

maybe not forever. but for now.

and ps- Granted, I have only been to the one here, but I don't really think I am that into the lesbian bar scene. At least I am not into their haircuts.

2008-08-09 09:22:44 ET

On monday I am going to portland to look for a job and house. I am moving out of the Bay Area for the first time in my life. I guess portland isn't really that big of a move but it feels huge.
SF has become unbearably expensive. I have a lead on a room for 250 which is hella lower than my last room which was inching towards 600 very quickly.
so fuck it
I am breaking up with the bay for now.
I have deep love for it but it's hurting me to struggle with money all the fucking time.
Money aside my job and social life in sf sorted themselves out nicely.
I cut that fool out of my life discovered that a friend of mine could make me come like there was no tomorrow and my house on Clement started to kick ass. I even love the guy who is taking my spot there. Funny how things work out like that.
here's to pdx
my new life of-
sleeping with more women(in a town of so many hot lesbians, yes!)
None of this monog trials. I've concluded that I am no good at that and thats totally ok with my ass.
I get to have a dog!! I can just fall in love with my dog and save myself the misery of falling in love with a human.
camping all the time
fuck yea.
PDX here I come.

psych ward
2008-02-12 17:44:01 ET

last week I checked myself into a 72 hr hold. I was 5150. I am doing much better now but i still have a lot to process including what seems to be a conclusion to my three year long fucked up pseudo-relationship with an opportunistic self centered womanizer. I am angry and sad but i feel a calmness about it as well. i will explain more soon.

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