2003-09-15 14:48:43 ET

I just had an interview about hour ago... The guy hired me on the spot!!
well I think I am hired...It's one of those "hey you come in to work on friday, so I can see hwo lame you are." things
But he did say the magic words...I want to hire you, but I don't know where to put you.
everything is alright..
breath in breath out breath in breath out
Also, my car is still in the shop
I have to catch up on school work majorly
Oh yea....I am writing a comic for the school newspaper...If anyone has any idea's....then throw them at me...
major artist blockage...

just a french major from the bronx
2003-09-14 20:17:26 ET

ooh doonesbury....
unproductive weekend
didn't talk to that girl
didn't get sex
didn't do homework
didn't eat
didn't sleep
didn't see all of "The Craft"
didn't see stephie's band
didn't go to cherries jubilee with terrence
didn't see enough of jules
didn't see rikki at all
all in all I had fun though

still...way to get things not done.....

beat it
2003-09-11 16:38:56 ET

It is hott today (notice the usage of the double t...)
man, is it HOTT
but good, I like the hott things that are not weather
I applied at this coffee house today and I am confidant that if I bug them enough I will get the job
so by assciation job=sex
that is too good.
yes. I know. I am a dork
This place is awesome, and I talked to the employees today and they are pretty damn cool. The guy who is quiting is pretty hot, know a. he is leaving, b. if I took on another project it would not be good
yes so no more. I need to clam up and never talk to anyone I might quite possibly be attracted to ever again. This sounds like a plan to me. yes. plan.
Also I am writing a play, and so far I think it is pretty cool except for the fact that I am one page into it. But I am liking it. Trying to get back into theatre stuff, it's good, I like theatre. At the end of the summer I was involved with the costuming part of theatre and liked it imensly, I forgot how much fun it is. and...I was hanging out with quite a few theatre kids, who are one of the best kind.
so, yes, that is my life.

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