2003-09-23 18:40:29 ET

I missed rikki...what is wrong with meeeeeeeee
oh well
today was not good
and that made it worse
My boss jokingly(I don't know how much of a joke it was) said that I was fired, twice. I have only worked two days. God damn.
there was more
but hey
who cares anywho..this is not my whine site
I am super stoked about Folsom Street Fair this weekend...
what not to wear, what not to wear...hmmm.....

2003-09-21 17:00:32 ET

god...I love food....mmmmm
right now I am eating a garden burger in a pita with mustard and peppernchini's
this sucks so much for my libido
I live in a hallway that my sister and mother are constantly coming through
no one here to fuck
but I can't jill off either
what the mother
I am done ranting

2003-09-21 10:52:51 ET

le tigre needs to come to my house and take me
just take me
either them or
that girl
how I miss her crazy antics
I need to move back to my home
I have now realized that Terrence(no reason to not use his name..so I did.) was right
stupid fuck as he is
not really
I say that because I am mad

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