Beni Sürekli Žimdikli Zaman sikiyor - Present Continuous Tense is fucking me.    2005-04-17 09:17:16 ET
Still buried in work. Writing worksheets for my new super (SUPER) rich Turkish student, Mr. Irfan.

Introduction to Present Continuous Tense –
(Sürekli Žimdiki Zaman) - Pronouns and the verb “to be”

The verb “to be”:
In English, the verb “to be” (olmak) is stated with 3 different words:

am is are

These 3 words are always used with Present Continuous Tense (Sürekli Žimdiki Zaman) and pronouns.

Pronouns are:

I - Ben It - O (žey)
You - Sen We - Biz
He - O (erkek) You - Siz
She - O (kżz) They - Onlar

In Present Continuous Tense, verbs are conjugated as follows:

Pronoun + “to be” + verb + ing
(I,he..) SŽZ (eylem)

Examples of Present Continuous Tense:

I am eating dinner. It is working.

You are playing football. We are singing.

He is writing a letter. You are talking.

She is reading a newspaper. They are cooking.

In Present Continuous Tense, the words “he”, “she”, and “it” may be replaced with the names of people, places, or things:

He is writing a letter. She is reading a newspaper.
Ahmet is writing a letter. Pat is reading a newspaper.

It is chasing the ball. It is baking a cake.
The dog is chasing the ball. The oven is baking a cake.

It looked so pretty in MSOffice. :(

WHAT HAS MY LIFE AMOUNTED TO?!?!?!?!? I'm writing worksheets and exams and grading papers like my highschool teachers this time last year... and if you know me well... you'd know that I fucking HATE highschool teachers (not all -- just the stupid female ones that cant find the time to pull themselves out of the boy's lockerroom and do somebody/something good).

Yuck. This internet cafe smells like somebody farted. No -- somebody totally farted. *quickly exits*


     2005-04-16 11:30:08 ET
Reply with your name and I'll tell you something I adore about you.

Afterwards, copy and paste this into your own journal.

 UH FREAKING OH    2005-04-16 11:20:33 ET
The 5 second update:

3 weeks to write a whole freaking TOEFL program + one very new and VERY RICH private student expecting miracles = uh-oh.

An even BIGGER uh-oh than the last post.

UH freaking OH.

Hope everybody's doing well! Hugs to all!


*burys herself back into the random English matter*

 well...    2005-04-11 10:23:53 ET
it doesnt get any better than this.

 SAVE OUR SHIP    2005-04-03 04:26:11 ET

Stuck in Turkey working my ass off.

Must make lots of money to go back to the US.

All motivation has been lost.

Feel so creative, but need a kick in the ass.

Or the taco.

Töbe töbe töbe töbestafhullah!

Crave peauntbutter.

An update is coming soon.

Save our ship -- it's sinking fast full of TOEFL crap.


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