2004-01-07 14:31:51 ET

You think they'll mind the weaves and piercings?

Btw: January 22nd = national holiday!!!!!!!!


     2003-12-25 11:33:15 ET
Enjoy Giftmas.

And don't slaughter pineapples.

We are oh so rare nowadays.



     2003-11-06 12:34:01 ET
The French accent in the Matrix, was as bad..if not worse than the German in Supertroopers.

Noise. All Day. Makes Bea go something..something.

I forgot to cut off Olivier's hair, for Bio. Aw..and I was going to bring you a trophy. He was all up for it too, but I forgot.

I also did not find time to put princess makeup on Mr. Imminent. He let me do that too.


 Work..is ..killing..me!!!!    2003-10-10 14:21:03 ET
Two things:

One. You absolutely, positively MUST come tO Q's this Sunday. Just a few shitty bands that I REFUSE to support will be playing. Help me humiliate them. I hope they fail :P

Two. New avatar. Finally. Picture whoredom hath returned with a venegance. It looks bad all minimized. Maximize to get a full pineapple injection.

     2003-09-20 09:25:16 ET
I have found myself to be rather obsessed with velociraptors. RAR!

I think I am not leaving NYC with getting another hole punched in me. I need to get out of this funk I am in.


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