Work sucks, Friendster sucks.    2003-09-09 16:28:05 ET
I'm a trendy motherfucker, so I got Friendster now too.

My profile sucks, I need to update it. for that Friendster business.

     2003-09-08 14:32:04 ET
I'm just a humble corporate slave, digging myself into a corporate grave..

I don't like Snog.

But I HATE God Module.


     2003-08-28 13:48:51 ET
I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch..but I might be employed very,very soon.

Yes, that's right.

I can buy candy for little girls now.You know what THAT means.

The good news is:money might be coming my way.

The bad news: 4 hour drug tests.

Lesson learned today:I was wrong to assume that the lab technician bitch was Hispanic and therefore it was okay, for me to whine and bitch to my mom over the phone in Polish (in regards to the woman). Turns out she's from Belarus. And all Eastern Europeans pretty much talk alike, so yeah..she understood me :)

Oh well.

I also had a crackhead tell me today that I am on drugs.

 Sickapple...$&%&*%&^%^%&!!!!    2003-08-13 09:46:21 ET
I'll take another biopsy over this toothache anyday.

Root canals make Auschwitz look like a fun place (I've been there. My parents took me when I was 3. So much for Disneyland, eh?The Polish are weird. I wish my 20% ov German was the 80% the Polish..but anyway..)

Tomorrow me and my LARGE Significant Other ov Semitic origin will be together for 6 months.

I give him props for putting up w/mein scheisse for this long.

 Fun with the cervix    2003-08-12 06:04:49 ET
So, I go in for my fun, fun biopsy in 2.5 hours.

I'm NOT looking forward to it.

I do believe that I'm also looking forward to them zapping up my vag with lasers.

Sharks with freaking lasers!

Apparently, it is quite common. But that doesn't make me feel any less shitty.

I'll still probably be making it to the Mono No Aware show.

Because bleeding from various orifices has never stopped me from doing anything else before.

Have I mentioned how much I don't want to go do this?

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