2003-06-21 07:02:45 ET
That darn Pyramid guy is SUCH a good DJ.

I didn't miss my usual generic noise fix at all last night.

I enjoyed watching Bio rip it up to Funker, VnV Nation, Fictional(Twice..ha ha ha)and various 80's gayness upstairs.

He also denied his origins by wearing that Nazi hat(Property ov Damian Plague by the way)and Sieg Heiling his way into ETERNAL SHAME.

 S is for Sluts    2003-06-20 15:41:02 ET
Goddamn Stromkern needs to come here soon. I just found out that they are playing in motherfucking Chicago. CHICAGO?!??!?!?? *ugh* Fuck the Midwest..come hither.

Antiquing Noisex was official.

Sluts were powdery.

10 points for me.

I'll copy and paste it from Live Journal, when I get a chance to. I'm obsessed with documenting just about everything that happens in my life(one ov my biggest fears is losing my memory..no joke) . But since I'm rarely home..I hardly do it anymore. I'm only up to talking shit about the Girls Gone Wild thing at this point :)

But anyway...looks like drinking and club tonight :)

Looks like every weekend.

 Antiquing Noisex.    2003-06-04 20:14:09 ET
Main Entry: [3]an*tiqu*ing
Pronunciation: (")an-'tEk-ing
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): -tiqued;
Date: 1923
transitive senses
: The act of catching an unsuspecting person while they are sleeping and pelting flour or baby powder at their heads : creating the effect of an antique statue
- an*tiqu*er /an-'tE-k&r/ noun

Also See: Noisex

I am going to take Noisex's "antiquing virginity" away using the bag ov flour method.

Or perhaps the Spermans(Spanish Germans) can antique sleeping promoters.


 ** Attention **    2003-06-04 14:43:55 ET
+ I have invaded the pineapple's body and am now posing as a 5'2", sultry, kid-touching fruit. I am currently plotting world domination by way of my feminine rues. I shall use BioMechanic and Insomnia as my army of vertically gifted soldiers. I will make Wintermute a symbol of world perfection. In his absence, he will be come a symbol of everything holy, intelligent and sexy. When my reign is complete, everyone will bow to the ideals of Wintermute.

These ideals are as follows:
1- Hookers and Coke
2- Cheap booze and cheaper women
3- Wintermute is good

The national pastime will be Antiquing ( The act of catching an unsuspecting person while they are sleeping and pelting flour or baby powder at their heads, creating the effect of an antique statue).

Your New Leader,


 And in retrospect..    2003-05-26 20:10:38 ET
Last night:

-My boy/girl Significant Other did not pass "Go". We did not collect $500 dollars.
-Saw too much cellulite up close for my own good.
-Lived to tell about it.
-Filled up my shit talking quota for a week. No, not really.
-Smeared my lipstick.
-Realized that no matter the level ov "Ugly" the nudity gets the loot.
-Didn't know that doing THAT with flashlights was deemed attractive.
-Wished Bio entered this contest.
-Learned the true identity ov Paul Pfeiffer.

That is all kids.

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